past have ever received.

Christians can watch the Media, observe the Police Departments, the Judges, and others coordinate a campaign against the Pro-Life movement. But because their media-built frame of reference is so poor, they can not see a conspiracy of power operating. If they were aware of how many Jews, Masons, Humanists, and Satanists are in these groups, and how they cooperate, maybe they would realize that a these events are part of a systematic plan and not isolated happenings. Not only that, the One-World-Order puts its people into the leadership positions of the Pro-Lifers. How disheartening it is to see Ronald Reagon and George Bush heralded by the American Life Lobby as leaders of the cause against abortion.

The national press and Mass Media brags about itself as a free-press. From what this Author can tell, it appears they have been instruments in exactly the opposite—the suppression of free speech.

The American Television news is as censored as Russian news broadcasts. Who decides what ultimately is put on the 6 o'clock american news? Various reports indicate that a list of ten or twelve acceptable news stories is prepared by British Intelligence and transmitted to Washington where the CIA routinely approves the list, and then delivers the list to the networks.14 People within the networks may not all be aware of the dual roles many in Media leadership positions play. Not only do many within the Media have Media leadership roles, but they also have positions in the various secret or semi-secret groups of the New World Order, including but not limited to the CIA, the Masons, the CFR, and the Order of the B'nai B'rith. Some of the people who work for the Mass Media may be unwitting accomplices.

What? Accomplice—isn't an accomplice one who aids or abets a lawbreaker in a criminal act? This book can't make legal decisions, but the reader can form his own opinion after taking under consideration that Sect. 19, U.S. Criminal Code (18 USC 51) titled "Conspiracy to Injure Persons in the Exercise of Civil Rights." It states:

"If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the constitution or laws of the U.S., or because of his so having exercised the same... they shall be fined not more than...and shall, moreover, thereafter be ineligible to any office, or place of honor, profit or trust created by the constitution or laws of the U.S."


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