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ciferian initiation.

When most Masons hear of a "Luciferian conspiracy" in Freemasonry, they simply shrug it off in the belief that no one would seriously entertain such a scurrilous charge.

Since most Masons in the U.S. are members of Christian Churches and many clergymen belong to the Fraternity, the idea that they are all involved in some kind of devil cult is absurd. Can anyone seriously think that such 33rd degree Masons as Senator Jesse Helms, the Christian champion of conservative politics, is a worshiper of Lucifer? Or, that one of the most well known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a 33rd degree Mason?

It would be helpful to pause and consider the origin of the Luciferian charge.

One of the most interesting episodes in the history of Freemasonry is the anti-masonry movement spawned in 19th Century France by one Leo Taxil.20

What is known about Taxil does not endear him to the bosom of anyone. He was thrown out of a Catholic seminary before he took holy orders. Although the exact cause for his expulsion is not known, the result is. As a reaction, he became a raving atheist, an anti-Catholic and anti-cleric. He spent his time printing scandalous stories of the sexual crimes of priests, monks and nuns. He was quite adept at making up stories when needed.

He joined the masonic Lodge as another way to thumb his nose at the clergy. He was welcomed at first because French Masonry has always been infected with skeptics, anti-clerics and revolutionaries. But not long after, Taxil's lies and fabrications caused him to be thrown out of the Lodge. He now became as zealous an anti-mason as he was anti-Catholic.

According to his own testimony, it was at this


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