teaching in Masonry for those who will seek below the surface.

127. "The Ancients of Atlantis preserved not less than sixteen distinct Secret Orders, all of which constituted—what was known at the time of the advent of Poisedon to the Kingdom of Atlantis—as the Mystic Brother or the Great White Circle. What is now the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross was recognized as the very highest of these Orders, by virtue of their knowledge of the Secret Forces throughout Nature. This Order of men ruled the Destiny of nations and all Institutions.*

128. "With the destruction of Atlantis,** this perfection of order and organization was severed and history from this event only conveys scattering glimpses of these various Orders—all of which, while preserving some remote impressions of their former relationship, have lost trace one of the other."

129. Says John A. Weiss, M.D., in his "Obelisk and Freemasonry:" "According to our reading of history, the Priesthoods of Belus, or Baal in Assyria, of Osiris in Egypt, of Jehova in Palestine, of Jupiter in Greece and Borne, of Ahura-Mazda in Persia, or Brahma in India, and of Teutates in Britain, were Primitive Secret Societies, who instructed and governed the primitive families and races. It little matters whether we call the members of those priesthoods Belites, Pastophori, Levites, Curetes, Mage, Brahmins, or Druids; they were connected by Secret

**See "The Philosophy of Fire."

*See "The Rosicrucians; their Teachings."

Ties, and intercommunicated from the Indus to the Tiber, from the Nile to the Thames. Hence there ever has been, is, and ever will be Freemasonry on our planet. Masonry was ever more or less connected with priesthoods till about the thirteenth century of our era, when Masons declared themselves Freimaurer (Freemasons). Since about that period priesthoods have ever denounced and persecuted Freemasonry."

130. "A thoughtful consideration of our principal ceremony irresistibly leads us to the doctrine that was typified by the Pastos in the King's Chamber of the great Pyramid, and connects with the main characteristic of all the Mysteries, which embodied the highest truths then known to the Illuminated ones.

131. "The twelfth century witnessed an outbreak of Mystic symbolism, perhaps unparalleled, in our era, and gave us the religious legends of the Holy Grail, which point to an Eastern origin ; this period coincides with the greatest popularity of the Templars, whose fall is contemporaneous with the decadence noticed "by the lecturer.

132. Without pressing the argument, I may suggest that some portion, at least, of our symbolism may have come through a Templar source, Romanist, yet deeply tinged with Gnosticism; while at a later date the Lollards, inheritors of Manichteism, and who were but one of the many religo-political societies with which Europe was honeycombed, possibly introduced or revived some of these teachings. One thing is certain, that satisfactory renderings of our symbols can only be obtained by a study of Eastern Mysticism; Kabal-

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End of Days Apocalypse

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