says, "The Japanese couldn't sell their bonds if they tried."

The propoganda about the Japanese taking over is just that, they are vulnerable,(as we all are) and can only expect to succeed if they play the game of international interdependence. If they deviate from the Party line, they can easily be crippled economically by the One-World-Power. (Some confidential sources with good connections to the Power say that the One-World-Power plans to pull the rug out from underneath the Japanese economy before they destroy America's.)

Milton Friedman in his massive A Monetary History of the United States documents how the Fed has not maintained a stable money, but has been a major source of instability. The Fed has enormous power over the economy of not just the U.S. but power over Japan as well.

The spirit of the One-World-Economy has been underwritten legally by the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), IMF (International Monetary Fund, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and bilateral commercial treaties. Since 1970, the Japanese have shifted into line with regards to international trade. There has been plenty of One-World propoganda in the Japanese media, and the globalist attitudes that are appearing among the Japanese are a radical change from the isolationist views that the Japanese so long shielded themselves with. Japanese pride is very strong, and it will be interesting to see how the Internationalists plan to cope with that.

We find the Japanese full players with the One-World-Order. One example of the many transactions carried out daily is when the Chairman of the Rothschild's American Express James Robinson III wanted to make a deal with Nippon Life, Henry Kissinger personally delivered the letter.19

The Japanese culture creates citizens that have values that match what the New Order wants. Remember too, that Japan needs an international global economy to thrive. The United States on the other hand is far less dependent on other nations, and could survive even if isolated. (Reports indicate that American oil is capable of supplying all our domestic needs and to last the United States long into the future.)

Prior to W.W. II, Japan was anti-Masonic. Fujivara, the Japanese delegate to the Weltdienst congress in 1938 declared, "Judeo-Masonry is forcing the Chinese to turn China into a spearhead for an attack on Japan, and thereby forcing Japan to defend herself against this threat. Japan is at war not with China but with Freemasonry, represented by General Chiang-Kai-shek, the successor of his master, the Freemason Sun-Yat-Sen... Japanese soldiers were dying not for any narrow national interest but for the sake of the whole from the Judeo-Masonic-

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