by accident then, that Mormons have the freedom to attend New Age seminars.


For a while, this Author shared an apartment with a Mormon friend. He was much older than this Author, in the neighborhood of 42. He was in good standing with the LDS Church. It was only natural then, when he became unemployed for him to go to the Mormon church's employment service. There, employment specialists, seek to match their clients skills with their job contacts. Many of their job contacts are from LDS members. After visiting the Mormon employment service, this man went to the Church of Scientology, and after an interview was hired onto Hubbard's Church of Scientology staff.

This Author was surprised that an LDS member in good standing would work for the headquarters of a New Age cult. Mormon friends of this man found nothing alarming in the least that he worked for the Church of Scientology.

Is the Church of Scientology a religion? According to their own literature (which at some times says no) they are. To quote one of their pieces of literature, "Is Scientology a religion? Yes! Scientology is a religion in the truest sense of the word...The church of Scientology's purpose is to help the individual lead a happier life, and so there is nothing in Scientology principles to conflict with other religious beliefs." "The Church of Scientology is non-denominational. One can be a Scientologist and also a member of any religious group. There are Catholics, Protestants, members of the Jewish faith and most any other religion who are also active Scientologists."19

The Church of Scientology kept asking him to volunteer vast amounts of time, and he was lucky to get peanuts in compensation for his hard work, so after several months he quit. He quit because of the lack of pay, not because of religious scruples.


W. Cleon Skousen, an ex-FBI agent and former Salt Lake City Chief of Police, is in charge

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End of Days Apocalypse

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