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Hell Really Exists

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the Dionysius of the Fraternity of the Artificers, and the Atys of the Phrygians..."

A further developement in the Mystery religions came from the Babylonian branch of religion headed by the Pharisees (now known as Talmudic Judaism). They perverted the faith and hope that men had in a coming redeemer and developed Millenialism. Millenialism split of in various directions. One Satanist/humanist branch is what is known as Communism (that is the system developed from Marxism). Within the churches Communism is called Liberation Theology. There is evidence that many of the historical big figure Communist leaders were not atheists, but satanists. Karl Marx is just one prominent example. If so, then Communism is simply another mystery religion with humanism, atheism, and state worship as the exoteric for the masses, with Satanism as its esoteric teaching for the higher ups.

On the surface, Communism, Freemasonry and Satanism appear like three separate items. Those who have investigated the National Council of Churches are aware that it and its predecessor the FCC were Communist Fronts. Within this book you have learned that the NCC was operated by Masonry, and that Masonic Lodges started communism. The reader has read in chapter 1.2 about satanists controlling Freemasonry. With all this in mind, it should be no surprise then that the National Council of Churches accepted the Church of Satan of Anton LaVey as one of its members.26

Satanists in Israel work with the secret satanic group called The Brotherhood. Another powerful Satanic area is California. Yet, another is Louisiana. These are strongholds that are very powerful that Satan has built up. As Satan and the demons are limited beings they must build up human strongholds.

In Belgium is an ornate Cathedral with an ornate balcony of gold and a 1,000 points of light within it. The is where the Queen Mother stays. It is also where the White Book which contains the history of the world written in blood on parchment is kept. A pregnant woman is sacrificed, and the infant in her womb rescued. Some of the infant's blood is then taken and used to write down the progress that has been made historically in the enslavement of the human race by a One-World government.26a

At Inyokern, southern CA area near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center at a Naval hospital, is a doctor from Germany known Herr Doktor Green. This doctor is one of the better Satanic programmers. Many people around the country (many of them children) are flown in to him and are programmed by him. He has various techniques. One of the popular one is called Twinning. The subject is subjected to family movies in one eye and ceremonial and porn movies in the other. The rapid pictures are stressful to the eyes. Angled mirrors and intense lights are used in the process. The mind consciously begins concentrating on the family pictures and forces the terrible satanic pictures that are being flashed in the other eye into the subconscious. This process is done to two people in such a way as to subconsciously bond them to each other. The end result of the technique is created twins—magically paired sisters or brothers who when brought together later at some call back will function as a team. These teams do not know each other, but as the final countdown to the plan gets into full swing are being called back. Each twin is not given all their plans but only part so that they fit together when they come together. However, if one dies, the team still has one person to carry out their part of the plan for world domination.26a

Henry Graver, a man of God, relates how a powerful Satanist came to Christ in Omaha. In the insueing spiritual battle, this ex-Satanist showed him and others where human sacrifices were to be done in the storm sewers of Omaha on the solstice. Gruver watched the Lord God Almighty bring a storm which the Omaha papers called "a mystery storm" which mysteriously appeared over Omaha and filled up the sewers during the days around the solstice. This is just one of many stories that could be told, showing the power of Jesus Christ over the Satanic realm. Satanists and witches have on numerous occasions sincerely repented and become follows of Jesus Christ. Another example is a man who recently was sent out to kill the minister who dared hold a public Christian rally on Halloween. The power of the joy and peace he saw on the faces

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