has been the Mason Arnold H. Exo. The Mother Church at Boston exerts authority over its 2,500 international daughter congregations.

Many of the editors of the Christian Science Monitor have been Freemasons. For instance, George Channing, Paul S. Deland 32 degree, Alexander Dodds, Roland R. Harrison, and Charles E. Heitman.14

Opponents of Mary Baker Eddy's "primitive Christianity" have called it "Yankee witchcraft." When one is familiar with Christian Science auto-suggestion and compares it with magic, the two are same in principle.

Mary Baker Eddy, born at Bow, New Hampshire in 1821 started her church in Boston in 1883. Again one sees the origin of a Christian New Agy cult started within the same geographic area that so many have originated from.

Mary Baker Eddy found she could be a channel, a medium. After she found her talents as a medium, she began the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston in 1881. Two years later she began the Christian Science Journal which has evolved into the Christian Science Monitor, a respected journal.

In ancient times, the Sybils were controlled in a hypnotic way. Is it possible that Phineas Quimby or someone else controlled her by hypnotism?

A Mrs. Stetson, a decendant from the Puritan family15 that would be tied to the Order which is thought to be part of the Illuminati16, was a friend of Mary Baker Eddy. Stetson was another early Christian Science leader. Augusta Stetson was also into co-masonry. And her life

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