Education Program of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite.

What has the Masonic control and influence brought our public schools? Under the disguise of the elimination of religion, they have revived the Mystery religions within our schools. The textbooks are being written to promote controllable slaves, who have a global view and a syncretic secular or gnostic New Age outlook.

Is this last paragraph an overstatement? Not in the least. Much that is going on in the classrooms, seems to be hidden or not noticed by the parents. The North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA) recognizes reincarnation. Maria Montessori the founder of the Montessori system had ties to the Theosophical Society. One of the big leaders of the Montessori system is Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Church Universal & Triumphant runs Montessori schools for all ages of children. The Montessori curriculum is New Age.

The ideas of Hegel and John Dewey, ideas that the Illuminati have long promoted have been made the purpose of education. Hegel believed that people exist for the State, "The State is the absolute reality and the individual himself has objective existence, truth and morality only in his capacity as a member of the state." John Dewey, the father of our educational system, echoed this, and it is being echoed repeatedly by educators around the country. (John Dewey was by the way an original signer of the Humanist Manifesto in 1933, this idea man is his own god. He is officially on the record as anti-Christian. The Humanist Manifesto I of 1933 states that a new religion must be created, and the Manifesto describes a picture of their desired New Age religion that is "synthesizing", and for "the complete realization of human personality", etc. )

At this point I will quote two items that Sutton calls to our attention in America's Secret Establishment, that are echos of Hegel and John Dewey.

"It is now time for a new vision of ourselves, of man, of human nature and of human potential, and a new theory of politics and institutions premised upon that vision. What is that vision of Man? that the natural, whole, organismic human being is loving...that man's basic thrust is towards community." —Assemblyman John Vasconcellos of California, Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education and the Education Goals Committee for the Calif. State Assembly.19

"We are committed to the idea of Education for Global Community. You are invited to help turn the commitment into action and mobilizing world education for development of a world

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