century Mormons, fell into disuse. Contrast this with the early LDS Deseret News, edited by the second counselor in the LDS First Presidency, which carried an astrological table in its first issue.

The use of Astrology among the Mormons goes back to the Order or Fraternity (called by outsiders the Fraternity of Rodmen). Mormon William W. Phelps, whose family is linked to the Fraternity, published an almanac in 1863 which refers to the LDS use of astrology and the to prophecies. "The moon's days in the signs of the Zodiac are also given near enough for the general reader." His 1865 Deseret Almanac also had Zodiac information.

Many Mormons have enjoyed the practice of the Mormon religion, but felt very disturbed by the Temple ceremonies. Many are so disturbed they never return after their first experience. They have good reason to be disturbed.


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