However, a number of Indians observed that if the British had not turned over local administration to the Indian locals, the Indians would have not considered independence. The reason being was that when the British did all the administrating, things were done right, but with limited self-rule things deteriated and people lost sight of the advantages of British rule.

Annie Besant and her Theosophical Society, which originated from Masonic roots and has been led by Co-Masons, led the fight for India's independence. She began adjatating for independence even in the 1920s. Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, and the clique of Gandhis that have followed and ruled India have been connected to the Theosophical Society. Mahatma Gandhi was a member of the Theosophical Society.

The Russians and Germans also encouraged Indians to turn against British rule. However, in spite of all the various groups seeking independence, the power of the One-World-Order in India was never threatened.

Economic control in India for the One-World-Order is through the Sassoons (one of the female branches of the Rothschilds).26 They control the Banks in India among other items. The power of Sassoons extends further than India today.

India is also ideal in many ways. The population can be easily controlled by religious gurus. The caste system, although no longer legal, is part of India's culture, and it produces a hierarchy which is also perfect for control. Three quarters of the people are Sudras—that is outcasts who

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End of Days Apocalypse

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