godhead." Romney advocates using Eastern Mysticism, Sufism, and T.M.

Masons within the leadership of various Christian denominations have helped lead the fight against believing the Bible is infallible, for allowing homosexuality, and many other liberal unscriptural ideas.

One of the Southern Baptist groups that Masons have participated in is the Association of Baptist Professors of Religion.

Taylor Clarence (T.C.) Smith was that Association's President and a faculty member of the Furman University, a Baptist school. Smith, who was educated in part at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, is well known for believing the Bible has errors, and also that modern scholars should decide what books they want to consider as canon. T.C. Smith, in a talk which criticized various Baptists for believing in Bible Infallibility and which advocated the historical-critical approach to scripture, said it is "the Bible, not God, that we are questioning."34

Three other instructors at Furman University of Greenville, S.C. were also known for their attacks against the Bible. The book People of the Covenant was co-authored by the three faculty members Robert Wilson Crapps, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. and David Anthony Smith. At least one of these co-authors, if not more, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. is a Freemason.49 Their book attacks many of the traditional Christian views such as Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch, which they "discern" Jesus was wrong about.

Many of the Seminaries are now teaching Eastern Mysticism.50 Baylor University which has been a Baptist Seminary run by the Masons has continued to get more and more liberal. Some of the students that are going there are rebelling against the anti-Christian administration of this so-called Christian seminary. On Labor Day, on Focus On The Family program, students of Baylor Univ. who are trying to fight the anti-Christian administration of Baylor were interviewed.51

Baylor University has served Masonic goals well, or so says a letter from Sovereign Grand Commander Luther A. Smith, 33°, to Dr. James Wood, professor at Baylor. The Scottish Rite Supreme Council sent a $5,000 check to Baylor, handed to them by 33° Mason R. Lee Lockwood. Smith, 33°, writes Dr. Wood (perhaps also a Mason), "This is another contribution to further the cause of education in the area of church-state separation to which Baylor University

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