years of man's existence, a Golden Age would come in. Mithraism is so close to Masonry, that those who study Mithraism have often commented that Freemasonry is the continuation of it. Mithraism absorbed occultic thought, and was somewhat eclectic.

It's follower's held rituals (for men only) in caves, or temples. Their rites remind one of the Masonic Rituals. In Israel, Masonic ceremonies are held in the Caves of Hezekiah, which have a chamber about 130 feet underground below the Temple Mount (of where Herod's Temple in Jerusalem was) . The cave will seat about 200. The cave is near the Damascus Gate. The City of Jerusalem gives a special privilege to the Masons to use it. On days of Masonic ceremonies, the caves which are normally open to the public are closed. Manly P. Hall claims the Masonic eye comes from the supreme God Ahura Mazda (or Ormuzd, Ormus). There are many similarities between Mithraism, the Prieure de Sion, and Masonry.

In A Guide To The Gods a reference works on pagan gods the Rite or religion of Mithra is described, "It contained much symbolism. . .all with Masonic overtones."128 "One can see in the appurtenances of Mithraism the germ of many secret society and occult rite, many an exclusive cabal... and clubs."129

In Mithraic Studies, an extensive compilation of studies on Mithraism, it states, "Undoubtedly ancient Mithraism like orthodox Freemasonry today, with which it has so much in common..."

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