the 1820s, was in a letter written soon after July 6,1830. The Plymouth Brethren, even before Darby's influence, had heard in Plymouth, England in 1831, a sermon on the Pre-Trib rapture by Captain Percy Hall.59 Two lawyers Darby and Schofield promoted the Rapture theory in the U.S. Darby made trips across the U.S. during the 1860s and 1870s promoting the Rapture. Darby himself had some tainted connections during this time period.

In Dublin, Ireland, in the Brethren assembly seven leaders were chosen, and Edward Cronin was one of these. Edward Cronin was an ex-Catholic who preached the masonic slogan "liberty, equality, and fraternity." He was into a type of mystic Christian belief system. These Brethren churches were part of the Tractarian movement supported secretly by the Jesuits, and to which Darby joined himself to in 1827.60

Darby also spent time with Irvingites and Tractarians in meetings at Lady Powerscourt's castle in 1833.

In England, The Oxford Movement, a secret Jesuit program to destroy Protestantism published tracts promoting the Rapture. A Robert Baxter, began prophecing and receiving angelic communications, which included the Rapture. On Presbyterian church caught up in this early Charismatic movement, formally applied to become Roman Catholic. Later, Baxter declared that the messages he had received although supernatural, had come from Satan.61

Since that time a interesting host of religious leaders have promoted the Secret Pre-Trib Rapture, Herbert Armstrong, Oral Roberts, Seiss (one originator of Pyramid prophecy ideas), Hal Lindsey, and the 33° Mason and Southern Baptist Billy Graham.

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