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Joseph Smith, with outstanding talent in cabalistic wizardry,57 set out to restore the priesthood of Israel and restore the religion of Jesus.58

Joseph Smith's restoration was in fact in line with the Masonic/ Rosicrucian beliefs of esoteric Christianity, a type of occultic secret mystery religion taught by the higher Masons, supposedly the original Christianity. Smith's Sept. 1832 revelation, describes a lineage for his beliefs that rests on esoteric Christianity.59 Manly P. Hall, 33 degree, calls this "Mystic Christianity", and describes it in detail in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Smith made a revision of Genesis called the Book of Moses which was in line with the occultic Mystic Christian teachings60 and its gnosticism. Emanuel Swedenborg was a hermetic philosopher and mystic Christian Mason of high rank. Smith was familiar with Swedenborg's teachings,61 (indeed Swedenborg's publications were on the shelves at Smith's hometown library and circulating through the Smith's area.)62 Smith adopted Swedenborg's concept of 3 heavens, with the highest being what Swedenborg called the "celetial kingdom."

The caballa which forms a basis for mystic Christianity also provides Smith for some of his answers that are canonized as scripture in the Mormon Doctrines and Covenants. Compare D & C 77:2 with Seder Olam Quest. 24, compare (cf. ) D & C 77:4 with Seder 01am Question 23, cf. D & C 77:8 with Seder 01am guestion 42, and D & C 77:15 with Seder Olam guestion 58.

Joseph Smith believed the Jewish Cabala was sacred knowledge which had been passed from God to Adam and from Adam to Enoch, to Noah, on down the line through Melchizedek to Moses. This priesthood has performed magic. Remember, the Caballa is intimately part of magic. Indeed, much magic derives from the Caballa.

The Masons, Rosicrucians, and mystics like the Ephrata Commune were already practicing the Order of Melchizedek when he established the Order of Mechizedek after the Order of Enoch. By the way, the mystics at Ephrata had baptized the dead long before Joseph Smith copied this mystic ritual.63

Joseph Smith, in a fashion like various Masonic and Magick groups, gave his Mormon leaders and himself new names.64 Smith's new name was Enoch.65

Masonry claimed to be derived from the ancient mystery religions,66 and it was those mysteries that Joseph Smith intended to restore. In D & C 76:7 Smith announces, "And to them will I reveal all mysteries of my kingdom from days of old, and for ages to come."

Joseph Smith needed to restore the mystery religions involved in mystic Christianity, because he believed the magic and occult in Freemasonry was only a shadow, a vestige of the real thing. An examination of Masonic literature prior to the 20th century will reveal teachings on the lineage of Jesus Christ, the importance of the Holy Grail (a blood line from Jesus), the mystical meaning of the crucifixation, the discipling of Jesus by Eastern gurus and other ideas. These are mentioned here, because the lack of public awareness of the old age of these teachings. Joseph Smith was not the first to claim Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and sired a royal blood line through her.67 The New Agers today are not the originators of the idea that Jesus was a Hindu adept, initiated into the Temple of Melchizedek like Pythagorus. Even Justin Martyr noted that the Christian Christ was a parallel to the sons of Jupiter of the pagan mystery religions.68

This explains how important it was to Joseph Smith's family that he was a son of Jupiter. And his type of knowledge was preserved in the Masonic lodges. The Mormon Apostle Herber C. Kimball verifies that Joseph Smith, Jr. set out to restore the mysteries of Masonry (the mystery religions & mystic Christianity) when he explained, "we have received some pressious things through the Prophet on the preasthood...thare is a similarity of preast Hood in masonary. Br Joseph ses masonry was taken from preasthood but has become degenerated, but menny things are perfect."69

Joseph Smith was speaking about tokens, signs, keys and other masonic things before he was initiated into the Masonic Lodge in 1842.70

Joseph Smith claimed that an angel brought him the lost key-word to several Masonic degrees, that would allow him to progress further than the highest Masons.71 The concept that Mormonism was a higher form of Masonry can be seen in the Mormon writer M.F. Cowley's book Wilford Woodruff, p.160,"The fraternity sought for in that organization (Masonry) was superseded by a more perfect fraternity found in the vows and covenants which the endowment in the House of God afforded members of the church." Joseph Smith, Jr. set out to create a high level super rite of Masonry, perhaps meant to be supreme over all the other rites.

Along with this, he took the practice of white magick to its highest level in North America. That is why the highest Druid witch in North America advised his student witch Schnoebelen that if he wanted to practice the highest form of white magick, he should become a Mormon and partake of the Temple ceremonies.72

This will surprise many people, especially many Mormons, until they understand Magick. An expert Enochian Magician quotes the supreme evil magician Crowley (33° Scottish Rite and other Rites) as defining Magick as "the science and act of causing change to occur in conformity with will." This expert magician further explains, "Essentially, Magick is the ability to bring about a willed change. Suppose that you are hungry. When you will yourself to eat, and then fix yourself a sandwich and eat it, you are performing Magick, at least to a degree. If you will to converse with a friend, and then pick up a phone and call him or her, you are a magician. We all go through life performing Magick. Most of it is so ordinary that we don't think of it in magical terms, but any willed change in ourselves or in our environment is Magick."73

From this the reader will realize that many Mormons have been duped into practicing Magick in the Mormon temples without knowing it. One doesn't have to know he is practicing Magick to practice it. However, for those men who have joined witchcraft before joining Freemasonry or Mormonism, they recognize the close parallels of the Masonic initiations from the beginning with witchcraft, and Mormons going to the Temple endowments with prior witchcraft experience recognize the parallels with the endowment ceremonies.

Schnoebelen was one of the few men to have gone through Witchcraft, Masonry, and Mormonism and to have forsaken it for Christ. His book does an excellent job of revealing the magical meanings and powers involved in the Mormon temple ceremony. (See book recommendations at the back of this chapter.) Even his book doesn't cover all the similarities, by the way which are not coincidental. They are too numerous to be coincidental, but even more important the history of their origins show that it is not coincidence.

Why did the Mormon leaders decide to keep this all secret from their own people? Why haven't the Mormon people been told about the Masonic and occult overtones to their religion? First, they have guietly been told if they look close at what has been said. Second, witchcraft and Luciferian worship within Masonry has always preferred to be veiled. Witchcraft has always preferred darkness and secrecy. Even today, New Age recruiters are telling people that they can "expand their potential" and other sales pitches, rather than saying, "Come worship Lucifer." An ex-New Age recruiter who was into Luciferian worship is now exposing their sales pitches and warning people how New Age recruits are not told when recruited that they are being led to worship Lucifer.

Further, there has been a mass deception to keep hidden that the Mormon leaders are high ranking Freemasons. This deception can only be explained in full by understanding that a conspiracy of great magnitude is underway.

It appears that before the Mormons got their recruiting speels worked out, that some of the original missionary elders were telling people about the mysteries. They were very soon instructed by Joseph Smith, Jr. not to ever tell converts about the mysteries.

Joseph Smith's instructions to the elders to keep mum about the mysteries are preserved in a book compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith of his teachings entitled Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

"Elders to Preach Repentence and Let Mysteries Alone...Declare the first principles, and let mysteries alone, lest ye be overthrown. "74

"Strive not about the mysteries of the kingdom, cast not your pearls before swine, give not the bread of the children to dogs, lest you and the children should suffer, and you thereby offend your righteous Judge."75 See footnote for further references.

As early as 1843, a Mormon secret order called "The Holy Order" which involved both men and women had been created. This order wore a special garment with the Masonic square and compass. The Rites of the group included reenacting scenes from the Garden of Eden.76

If the reader will allow a minor digression, I would like to emphasize that one of the important parts to magic is will power. If you look into Hitler and Nazi doctrine you will find will power was one of the most important features of Nazi doctrine. Why? Hitler and many of the Nazi leaders were into witchcraft. Did the Nazi's overtly tell the masses that their will power doctrines were witchcraft renamed? No. Neither is the New Age today, especially in the Christian churches. 98% of the Christian churches in the Puget Sound area are preaching New Age doctrines of some kind.7 The idea of willpower is being promoted hard in many Christian churches. The World Power has suppressed all the information they could about the Nazi's Satanic religion, because it touches too close to home.78

Joseph Smith's mother wrote, "...let not the reader suppose that. . . we stopt our labor and went at trying to win the faculty of Abrac, drawing magic circles, or sooth saying, to the neglect of all kinds of business. We never during our lives suffered one important interest to swallow up every other obligation."79

To paraphrase Lucy, she is saying that the faculty of Abrac, and these occult practices were important, but not to the point of making the Smiths unbalanced. The Smiths were able to carry out all their other obligations in life.

Masonic sources show that the Faculty of Abrac went back in Masonic history even predating the founding of their constitution.80 For more information concerning the Masonic "way of winning the faculty of Abrac", the reader is encouraged to read the sources indicated in the footnote. William Wines Phelps in the town of Canandaigua close to Joseph Smith's home, discussed in 1828 in the Ontario Phoenix (Aug. 25, 1830) about the "very Ancient Masonic Charm, or the way of winning the Faculty of Abrac,..."

Both Lucy (see pg. 37 of her book) and Joseph Smith, Sr. believed in a need for a restoration.81 What that restoration was to be, appears to have included then a "restoration" of mystical Christianity which meant the reinstitution of magic and the occult into Christianity, and a rejection of all the principle dogmas of orthodox churches. Both of Joseph, Jr.'s parents repeatedly went on record repudiating all the denominations that then existed. The restoration "movement" was not an organized body but rather variously believing individuals including men like Roger Williams that believed there were no real Christian churches. Williams didn't even believe the church he led was real, but he looked for a future restoration. Apparently, for the Fraternity of Rodsmen and the Smiths none of the esoteric groups (Rosicrucians, Moravians, the Ephrata commune, et. al.) had properly restored enough magic and a priesthood enough to satisfy them. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT TO GRASP. It indicates why the One-World-Power has helped the Mormon church. Lucy and Joseph weren't blindly lashing out at Christianity, they knew exactly what they believed in, and it wasn't being taught in the Christian churches.

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