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4. Author's conclusion from his research. Other researchers in this field, when asked about what stage the Power is at, indicated the same conclusion. Have you noticed Bush and other government officials are not afraid to talk about a New World Order, and Bush was not bashful to borrow Alice Bailey's 1,000 points of light terminology.

5. A number of books have touched on Soviet penetration of British Intelligence through the Masons. What isn't realized is that this is the networking that the Power wants, and the Masons are the network, the glue. That the Masons are numerous within the intelligence world, can be realized by their own admissions, i.e. Allen Roberts, Freemasonry in American History.

6. White Russian General Arsene de Goulevitch reported that British agents distributed money to Russian soldiers to mutiny against the democratic provisional government in Russia, see New World Order by Still, p. 143.

7. Memorandum by S&B Order member Thomas D. Thatcher recorded in the U.S. State Dept. Decimal File Microcopy 316, Roll 13, Frame 698.

9. See Antony C. Sutton. National Suicide. N.Y.: Arlington House, 1974 and Sutton, The Bolshevik Revolution. N.Y.: Arlington House, 1974.

10. The New Age Magazine.(Scottish Rite) Sept. 1959, p.516. Note, that from the beinning of the 1st communist Internatale Masonic support for communism was worldwide according to the Jewish Freemason Fribourg in his book published in 1871, speaking of the Grand Orient one reads "the Internationale everywhere found support in Freemasonry." Fribourg, E.E., L' Association Internationale des Travailleurs. 1871, p. 31. M. Louis Enault notes that "in March 1865 all the secret associations of Europe and North America were merged in the 'International Association of Working-men." He then list French, Italian, and Polish secret societies like the Carbonari who joined too. See Louis Enault, Paris brule' par la Commune. 1871, p. 24

11. Occult Theocracy, p. 270 and 733 give Marx's masonic membership. For information on Marx's leadership of a German secret communist society which had power over life & death of people see Laskine, Edmond. L' Internationale et le Pangermanisme. p. 56. A sincere Jewish Christian who has undergone difficulties and suffered for his faith in Christ is Richard Wurmbrand. Wurmbrand's book Marx and Satan opens up an area that has been covered over—Marx's belief in Satanism.

12. See chapter 2.10

13. For a list of Jews involved in the Russian Revolution see Encyclopaedia Judaica. NY: MacMillan, 1971, pp. 792, 794, 797-8. 57% of the Politburo at the height of the Revolution were Jewish, and 40 percent of the Military Revolutionary Committee. Pike, Theodore W., op. cit. gives more good citations to document this, pp. 130-134.

14. Allen, None Dare To Call It Conspiracy, p.72 quotes White Russian General Arsene de Goulevitch.

15. John Schiff, grandson of Schiff said this in New York Journal-American (Feb. 3, 1949). He is quoted in Still, New World Order, p. 143. For additional information see The Jewish Communal Register of New York City. 1917-1918. p. 1018; 1019.

17. The New Age Magazine, Sept. 1959, p.516 promotes this subterfuge.

18. The 4th Congress of the Communist International at Moscow (1922) resolved that "all communists...belonging to Masonic Lodges, must sever this connection at once." However, some fraternal lodge system (perhaps renamed) seems to have very secretly persisted.

19. Read Pike, Theodore Winston, Israel Our Duty Our Dilema. p. 154-162.

20. It is strongly recommended that if the reader wants the details of how the Order, the Rockefellers, and the Harrimans have helped fuel the Cold War by helping both sides, he should read America's Secret Establishment by Antony Sutton, & New World Order by Eustice Mullins.

21. This is condensed from Sutton's America's Secret Establishment.

23. Pravda, art. by Serebrovsk, Chairman of Azneft, quoted by Sutton, p. 149

24. U.S. State Dept. Decimal File, Microcopy 316, Roll 107, Frame 1167.

25. Concession Agreement Between The Government Of The U.S.S.R. and W.A. Harriman & Co..Inc. Of New York. Moscow: 1925.

26. Mullins, Eustice. New World Order., pp. 9-10

27. WT Magazine,

28. Researcher Singer who wrote the "definitive" work on the FCCC concluded that the Unitarian and Universalist churches were behind the early ecumenical movement. This Author's research see chap. 2.4 shows the close ties these two groups have with masonry.

29. Singer, C. Gregg. The Unholy Alliance. New Rochelle.NY: Arlington House, 1975, p.13.

30. Singer, C. Gregg. A Theological Interpretation of American History. Nutley, N.J., 1964, pp. 88-91.

31. Two prominant examples are the Mason Lewis Parsons, the Provisional Governor of Alabama and the Mason James L Orr, the Provisional Governor of Florida. Both encouraged southerners to sell to northernors, and both encouraged northern investors to come to the South. The Mason Parsons even toured the North for this purpose.

32. Powell, Lawrence N. New Masters Northern Planters During the Civil War and Reconstruction. New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1980, p.37.

33. Read Lawrence Powell's New Masters. Two Morgan brothers who bought land in the Mississippi Yazoo Delta serve as an example. Morgan wanted (in his own words), "to precede if [they] could not lead, this vast host, in the work of laying the foundations of this new empire by building canals, railroads, and other facilities for its development." Many northernors established banks in the South.

34. Read New Masters.

35. Singer, The Unholy Alliance, p. 14 and Powell, op. cit.

37. Various citations i n 10,000 Famous Freemasons.

38. Based on reports of debates.

39. Hawkins, Stephen. The greatest theoretical scholar in his field in his recent book A Brief History of Time shows scientific evidence in favor of Creation.

40. Briggs, Dr. Charles A. Presbyterian Review. 8, 1887, p.445ff

41. Author's research

42. Author's research

43. Singer, C. Gregg. The Unholy Alliance, p. 21-24. Singer gives the text of the Social Creed, its history and meaning.

44. FCCC reaction to the war can be seen in the Federal Council Bulletins. See Singer, op. cit., pp.43-46.

45. Cavert, S.M., ed., The Churches Allied for a Common Task, pp.39-40.

46. Federal Council Bulletin 4, no.2 (Apr.-May 1921), pp.2-3.

48a. The Dulles brothers Allen and John were descendants of one of the families that introduced the Scottish Rite (Strict Observance) into America. Allen Welsh Dulles himself served as Dir. and President of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was a lawyer and while as a lawyer, he was a director and counsel for some time of the J.Henry Schroder Banking Corp. of NY, the American branch of a British banking house of German origin that had extensive interests in Latin America and Europe. (See Cyclopedia of Amer. Biog.)

50. FCCC Annual Report. 1945, pp. 151-52

51. Analysis by Author of UNESCO activities from UNESCO reports.

52. Confidential interview.

53. Christian Century. Dec. 20, 1933, p. 1600 as quoted in Singer, op. cit.

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