Ressurrection Palladium Lodge In Chicago

and Lynn F. Perkins claim their books were inspired by spirits.

Is 33° Mason Leadbeater talking about linking up with the Christian Christ? "The H.O.A.T.F. makes the actual links both with Himself...and also through himself with that Mighty King...This stage combines the wonderful love of Horus the Son with the ineffable life and strength of Osiris the divine Father and Isis the eternal Mother of the world." This initiation connects the Mason with the pagan egyptian trinity? That's what he says. Leadbeater goes on to say how much glory, spiritual power, and worldly power the Mason has after this initiation, (p. 3 04) The next page Leadbeater begins the section telling the Mason "How to Use the Powers". He talks about the Liberal Catholic Church. Yes, men who have left the Liberal Catholic Church have verbally and in writing talked about how Satanic it is.

Leadbeater continues, "Yet when one of these bright Spirits is attached to us by a Masonic ceremony we must not think of him either as a director or as an attendant, but simply as a co-worker and a brother." (p. 309)

The next chapter "Two Wonderful Rituals" describes Egyptian rituals to Amen-Ra, and the Blazing Star. They sing a hymn to "Ra, the Logos, the Sun-God, thanking Him for His response..." They take a sacrement to Osirus.

The next ritual described may possibly refer to part of the secret Palladium Rite, as it refers to THE TRIANGLE OF ADEPTS. The Palladium Rite calls its groups Triangles. He talks about chanting invocations, and then angels appearing. Then the Illuminati salute is given to the Angel, where the left arm is placed above as if shielding one from light. (p. 341) Leadbeater indicates that eventually the Temple of the Angels draws 9 orders of angels, "which are not limited to one solar system." (p. 342)

If the reader is still with me--this Author would like to describe some about the Palladium Rite. This Author has never been in the Palladium Rite, and it is secret, so how would a person find out about such a rite? One expose of the Palladium Rite that appeared to be a hoax in the 19th century, has made people leary that the Rite even exists. When a news conference had been held, they were unable to produce evidence. One ex-Palladist Mason has problems getting people to believe it exists!

Goddess Pallas Athena, the Sign of Prudence and Circumspection, was used especially by Francis Bacon because it had the double meaning from Greek mythology of Spear-shaker, or "Shake-speare" his pen name. Palladian means pertaining to the Goddess Pallas or characterized by wisdom. And palladium means an object that is essential to the safeguarding of a community. Palladium is also the statue of Pallas Athena, upon which the city of Troy depended upon for its safety. Pallas Athena is also called Athena by the Greeks and Minerva by the Romans. Sir Francis Bacon wrote the name AthenA in his Rosicrucian books as A.A. Alfred Dodd goes into details of letters, poems of people to Bacon and writings of Sir Francis Bacon which use Pallas Athena.135

A secret Palladium Rite had existed at least from the time of 1730. Perhaps it was itself was from yet another earlier Palladium Rite, or perhaps it drew from some Rosicrucian source. At any rate, it was reactivated in 1884.

At the Public Library was the respectable Encyclopaedia of American Institutional Fraternal Organizations by Schmidt. Under "FREE AND REGENERATED PALLADIUM" it reads "This Masonically linked society... remained dormant until 1884. After this date it was reformed to ' impart new force to the traditions of high grade Masonry.' The society admitted men and women, the former to the grades of Adelphos and Companion of Ulysses and the latter to the grade of Penelope. The society held all its "Councils" in strict secrecy. It never printed any proceedings and very much restricted its membership." (p. 119) On page 161 is an article on HOME PALLIDUM, which is a fraternal benefit society, apparently for members of the Palladium Rite.

The Palladium Rite created by Albert Pike is totally Luciferian. It is "androgynous." In the larger cities, activities are carried out in the Masonic Temples, which allows women to slip into the Temples without arousing attention. All of this will be strongly denied by the Masonic Lodges. Members are selected mainly from higher levels of the Scottish Rite, although the members can come from other Rites too. The Palladium Rite has its own budget. Its power over the Masonic Lodge does not derive from being a part of the power structure, but from the careful selection of Masons that participate in the Palladium Rite and their distribution throughout the various Rites of Masonry and their controlling bodies. The Grand Central Directories (and from there to the Supreme Councils, Grand Encampments, Grand Orients, and Grand Lodges) are the nerve centers of Masonry from which orders emanate. The Palladium Rite is popular among those in positions of power. It is said that the leaders of the Palladium Rite are allowed to visit or join the B'nai B'rith lodges.(See chap. 1.7) 136

William Schnoebelen is presently a Christian author. Prior to becoming a Christian, he had been initiated into the Palladium Lodge in Chicago named Resurrection Lodge #13. He describes some about getting the Palladium Degree of Paladin in his recent book Masonry Beyond The Light. That lodge claimed to be derived from the European chapter of the AISB. (p. 18 6) Higher Masons become Illuminati— which go by several names one of which is "Masters of the Temple." A single illumined person is called an Illuminatus.

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