RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON,R. ^k. ¿Fit Spiro Theodore Agnew.R.

Hubert Humphrey,D. c f /x Edmund S. Muskie,D.

William Pierce Rogers - p ^

John Bowden Connaliy.Jr. r *

George Pratt Shultz -■ Melvin Robert Laird John Newton Mitchell «.t * u/a Richard Gordon Kleindienst Winton Malcolm Blount Walter Joseph Hicke! Rogers Clark Ballard Morton Clifford Morris Hardin

Maurice Hubert Stans (¡J. 5f ZuU* lo^ <<•) ^ f (M

James Day Hodgson .«.shfc^irf^

Elliot Lee Richardson 7*c ,

George Wiicken Romney

John Anthony Volpe

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