States and Great Britain."

The British legal system is totally in the control of the Masons. It is practically a given in Britian that you must join the Masons to become a lawyer. The Judges are essentially all Masons. (According to Knight in his book The Brotherhood, upwards to 70% of British judges are Masons, and 90% of the lawyers, called barristers and solicitors in Britain.—These figures may well be too low, although the law is on the books for the lodges to report their membership lists, it has never been enforced.) The lawyers in Britian decide who is allowed legal aid, if your case is a non-Mason against a Mason you can forget trying to get legal aid. Also to your disadvantage is your mercenary, your lawyer, is invariably a Mason and can't be depended upon to help your case against his brother Mason.

In chapter 2.1, in the section on the Anglican Church is was shown how Masonry controls the Church of England. In turn, the Church of England dominates religious life in England. A breakdown of religious affiliation in England is given in The Statesman's Year Book, 1978-9:

England and Wales

Church of England 27,180,000 [Masonic leadership]

Roman Catholic 4,190,000 [see chp. 2.2 on Mas. leadership in Cath. Ch.] Methodist & Ind. Meth. 562,616 [largely Masonic leadership in G.B.] Baptist 187,144 [largely Masonic leadership]

Congregational Union 181,101 [Masons in leadership]


The Church of Scotland 1,041,772 [Masons in leadership] Roman Catholic 813,200

Episcopal Church 76,298

Northern Ireland Roman Catholic Presbyterian

477,918 405,719 334,318 71,235

Church of Ireland Methodist

Every so often, various church councils investigate Masonry to discover if there is any conflict between Masonry and the church. And who from the churches staff these investigations?— Masons, and who do they interview? usually Masons, and what books do they read? Masonic literature. For instance the Church of Scotland's investigation in 1964-5, which was helped by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Another example of Masonic help in an investigation of the Lodge was to the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Aust. in 1957-8. Of interest is the statement in the Presbyterian report, "The committee had knowledge of the truth of the opening words of the petition that many Ministers and Laymen of unquestioned sincerity are members of the Masonic Lodge."

As might be expected in a country run by Masons, whose religious life is controlled almost entirely by Masonic power, very few British are church goers. Interest in the Bible is scarce, and the Moslems and Sufis are making big gains.

By 1688, religious conflicts in England on a major scale were over, and the Masonic system of toleration had begun to pervade the British. It has been slowly diluting their religious fervor. In spite of this, individual British have been great men of God. Whether for good or bad, the British have been a big religious influence world wide.

The British Prime Minister appoints the Governor of the B.B.C. By the way, the Prime Ministers have been their men, or in Margaret Thatcher's case their woman. (How many people know that she worked for OSS intelligence, and in 1981 went to a reunion of OSS veterens in

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