Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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43."The real mother of children is God's organization."( WT 9/1/41)

44. Once the earth is refilled then the reproductive powers of people will be taken away. (WT 6/15/01 p.206 ) Mankind will be composed of perfect un-sexed units. (WT 6/15/01, p. 204-208)

45."The dead will not come back from the grave on the spot they were buried. Christ Jesus might well resurrect a thousand at one time in one location -from say like what used to be N.Y.C. and from there they would be dispersed to where Christ wanted them." (Bro. Schroeder"s Talk at Saginaw, MI, 1953. Will Big Brother regulate who can have children? According to the WT and Ray Franz in Crisis of Conscience they WT Society will take over the selection of spouses. At some time they will also take over control of who can have children and the production of people. They say that this is that "Allowance must be made for those resurrected." This Author speculates such a scenario would happen such as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, that could fulfill their expectations.

46.Jesus is Lucifer's brother. (WT 3/1/32, p.76) Lucifer (now called merely Satan by the WT) was part of "the heavens" during the Garden of Eden. "That special organization of angels under Lucifer was spiritual, higher than man and invisible to him, and hence they constituted "the heavens" of that original world...That "heavens" and that "earth," therefore, composed the then perfect and righteous world." (The New World, p.22) "God's only begotten Son, The Word, and Lucifer were princes,... they are called "the morning stars" For a long time they worked together, and on special occassions of joy 'the morning stars sang together'..." Christ will be invisible during the Millenium but only present as he is today. Aid to Bible Understanding. 1971, pp.551, 1336. Satan is not bound during, but after Armageddon. (Light, 1931, p. 187)

47. "God has no communication with the world until Jesus has restored the men thereof to actual perfection," (Man's Salvation, p. 87)

48."EVIL OCCULT POWERS IN OPERATION" "The Difference between Samuel and his occult powers, and the occult powers of others today is this: Samuel's were manifested under Divine direction at a time when God was pleased to use such powers amongst His people Israel.-powers which doubtless will be in exercise also to some extent during the Millenial Age for the world's guidance."

(WT 2/15/15, p.59) Bear also in mind Russell felt that the Persian occultist Zoraster was taught his tricks by Jeremiah, and that he in turn taught the Magi who chased the Star of Bethlahem. (WT 1906, p. 14)

49. In the New Order people such as the resurrected ones will have the exact same personalities. "They will be the same personalities, the same people The "law of sin and death" will not have been abolished from them..." (Life Everlasting -In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.396-397) Pastor Russell is asked, "Ques. 34- Please explain what condition the body will be in the resurrection, whether a lost eye, or the hearing will be restored at their awakening, or how? "...It is not the teaching of the Scripture that man will come forth in the resurrection perfect..." "If there was a wart on that hand before it was withered, it might be there afterwards..." (11th Convention Souvenir Report, p.20)

50. "The 'great crowd' will not undergo a change of nature from human to spiritual and so do not need the justification by faith and the imputed righteousness that the 144,000 "chosen ones" have required. Not imputed human perfection by faith in Christ's blood, but actual human perfection in the flesh by the uplifting, cleansing help of God's Messianic kingdom-This is what the "Great crowd" will need and what they will attain by Christ's kingdom of a thousand years." (Life Everlasting-In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.391)

52. "The first work is to clear away the awful debris of the battle of does not take many years." (Golden Age. 2/25/28 #218, p.277) "The slaughter ...Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood." (Religion, 1940,p346) "Like dung upon the ground will lie the unburied bodies of those who would not heed God. Strewn over the earth, unlamented..." (1952 Yearbook July 27) "That millions of people will be killed in that battle is certain... "(Prophecy,

1929, in the WAR chapter) "For seven prophetic months the Armageddon survivors will gather up the bones and bury them." (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p.211) Boy are they in for a surprise-pass out the gas masks.

Is this New Order going to be an earthly paradise or an Orwellian nightmare? which?

What is the current "spiritual paradise" like for Jehovah's Witnesses - or to put it another way, what is life like as a JW?Does he have a "new personality" or a "split personality" as he tries to reconcile life with what he is told to believe.

Is the condition of the New World society slavery or freedom?

Will the people be given a New Language or Newspeak? Are the JWs truly happy, or just brainwashed robots?


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