influence upon Masonry.

The Rite of Memphis is not just European. Americans, such as 6-term Governor of Wisconsin Lucius Fairchild who was 95°, are Memphis Rite Masons too.

The Rite of Memphis has Ormus in their ritual. What or who is Ormus? Ormus (Ormudz) was the supreme God of Mithraism and Zoroastrian thought. It was also the name by which the Prieure de Sion allegedly went by from the years 1188-1306.124 In 1188, when the Ordre de Sion became the Prieure de Sion it took the subtitle Ormus, until just before the arrest of the Templar Knights' leaders.

The controversial Protocols of Sion have been traced to the Rite of Mizraim in Paris, to a Mason named Maurice Joly. People have raised a straw man in claiming that the Conspiracy "Theories" are based on the Protocols of Sion. The Protocols, whether they are of any significance or not, are a tiny atom of the mass of evidence. Even so a lot of disinformation has spewed forth from the System against the Protocols, and it continues to be printed, perhaps by agent provocateurs for the System. The book Warrant for Genocide put out by Yale University, supposedly destroying the credibility of the Protocols is such poor thinking and pure nonsense,125 one wonders if that is the best argumentation against the Protocols, then the Protocols must be valid. Warrant for Genocide makes it appear that all "anti-semitism" comes from crazy people who use the Protocols. The Protocols themselves speak of a Masonic conspiracy, not a Jewish conspiracy, so why have the Jewish people never used that as a defense?

Numerous researchers into the Conspiracy have noticed heavy Jewish involvement. The lack of public response has resulted in some researchers believing that radical problems needed radical solutions. Nesta Webster, who began neutral toward the Jews ended up a die-hard Fascist in the 1920s. She wrote The Need for Fascism in Great Britain. (For the Christian it would be worthwhile to take a fresh look at 1 Cor. 13 which declares that no matter what worthwhile thing we do, if we do not have love, it of no value.)

The religion called Mithra (Babylon), Mithras (Roman), Mitra (India) had spread over the known world during the first centuries A.D. It was very popular. It had cabbalistic thought, astrology, numerology, 'words of power', Greek philosophy, Babylonian myth, and a Gnostic dual theology which Masons like Albert Pike believed in.126 When Christianity became a recognized religion, it is a valid question to wonder which absorbed which, Mithraism or Christianity? Certain ideas of Mithraism continue to resurface under the label Christian. For instance, in Mithraism (which became known later as Gnosticism) there was the idea that after 6,000

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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