"Sophisticated technology added nothing to overall productivity." USA Today (Nov. 16, 1983) in an article "High-tech can't deliver on jobs" says, "Despite the siren appeal of high-tech industries, most new jobs in the USA economy will be created in old-fashioned service and manufacturing fields."

So great is our bias toward change that our text books and media misportray history, for instance, history books and movies report about the German Panzer divisions, but we seldom hear that most of Germany's WW II army units relied on horses for transport. These horses were also valuable as a prime food source for the encircled German 6th army at Stalingrad. The use of horses doesn't fit our American image of what a "modern" army should be using.

This American cultural bias toward anything new makes it easier for those intent on introducing new ideas into the Christian churches, to do so without their proper evaluation. When these ideas wash out, we seldom evaluate what was wrong.

The failure of many Christian Masons— (this book uses the term Christian loosely—as stated before the term is used as it is commonly used for anyone and anything that even masquerades under that label)— to see their children maintain any interest in Christianity should be a warning. (This has been observed by this Author and others in the States—Chick publications even has a tract addressing this.) For instance, one of the parents of a Mason family asked this Author,

"I just can't understand why my kids are into drugs, and aren't interested in going to church at all?"

What are the costs to the Christian churches of the various pseudo-scriptural ideas that Masons are intoducing into the churches? What are these? Unquestioned Christian support for Israel. That Israel will rebuild the Temple and reintroduce the Temple sacrifices. That the Jewish rites (blood sacrifices) will be restored. That Christians should not worry about the One-World-Power, that they will be secretly raptured. But aren't these Biblical ideas?

Before examining if they are Biblical, let us note which denomination has been very instrumental in pushing these ideas — the Southern Baptists. The Southern Baptist leadership which was Masonic has promoted Masonry to the rank and file. During the 1920s the Southern Baptists joined the Masons by the millions. This had a Christianizing effect, but it also gave good cover for the died-in-wool members of Satanic cults, who used their Baptist membership as a cover. As an example of Baptist doctrine The Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, Vol. IV, states "The Millenial Kingdom will be predominately Jewish with headquarters in Palestine and Temple worship in Jerusalem."54 Although this Author doesn't want to take the space at this point to show it, the idea that temple blood sacrifices will be restored is completely contrary to the work of Christ, and is actually part of The Plan, the Satanic plan to carry out blood sacrifices in the open.55

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