65. According to my research Jews who have been New Age leaders include (their original names are in parentheses): Helena P. Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Baba Ram Dass (orig. Richard Alpart), Werner Erhard (orig. Jack Rosenberg), Da Free John (orig. Franklin Jones), Helen Schucman (author of A Course In Miracles being used by so many churches), Rudolf Steiner, and Stephen Gaskin (of The Farm). Also the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was a Jew from India. Some report his second in command was married to a Jew. It is interesting to note that about 20% of the early WT leadership appears to be of Jewish heritage. Polls indicate that about 30% of the humanists are Jewish. New Age author Marilyn Ferguson in her polls found similar high levels of Jews in the New Age movement too.

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69. My direct source is lost, however the statement can be realized by noting when the various Masonic elements were dropped such as blackballing, secrecy (much of which was dropped in the '20s), secret recognition signs, and lodge regalia.

70. Schmidt, op. cit., p. 52-53. The first few pages of Moore, Deborah. The B'nai B'rith the Challenge of Ethnic Leadership describes the medieval secrecy that the synagogues had. They were very similar to today's Masonic lodges. Schnoebelen's Mormonism's Temple of Doom provides the parallels between witchcraft & the Masonic lodges. The 1991 Jeremiah Film "Freemasonry from darkness to light?" has a revealing series of interviews with ex-Masons and witches showing the parallels in witchcraft and masonic rituals.

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76. Kahane, op. cit. p. 156-157. For example, at the Constitution Grand Lodge of the Order (B'nai B'rith) meeting in 1854 Dr. Sigmund Waterman proposed "the founding of a religious free school for Jewish children." The schools and reading rooms that the Order set up, although they taught Jewish culture, tended to wean the Jewish people away from religious values and God toward humanism. The B'nai B'rith aptly calls itself a "secular synagogue"—Moore, op.cit. p.251. cf. p.140 on Frankel.

80. Kahane, Rabbi Meir. The Story of the Jewish Defence League.pp 25,45, and others

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