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levels of witches believe that the Rothschilds are lesser gods in bodies. The Rothschilds have been part of witchcraft and the Illuminati for generations. Their enormous godlike financial powers must indeed help convince them that they are gods.

Within the Satanic groups there is an elite society of witches called the The Sisters of Light. They are also called the Illuminati, but are not organizationally to be confused with the main group of Illuminati that are Druid witches. The Brotherhood that The Sisters of Light belong to is linked to the Druids though. Both the Sisters of Light Illuminati and the Druid Illuminati practice human sacrifice.14

Numerous other occult groups are named Illuminati.

The Brotherhood works with other occult groups such as the Freemasons. It has its own retreat centers, airplanes, etc. It uses churches for some of their ceremonies. Human sacrifices are being performed within Christian churches.15 These satanic groups sacrifice babies born to witches who have no birth certificates, members who want out, and people like hitchhikers that they pick up. Human sacrifices are generally done indoors. The Brotherhood has developed disposal of the bodies to a fine art.

Uniting the world under one world government is a goal of witchcraft.16

Another goal is to destroy Christianity. Many of the members of the satanic group The

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