people and subject them by intellectual bondage and servitude to a foreign potentate. That "World Power" is far better organized than we are; is far more numerous than we; is richer, more shrewd, more ambitious, more aggressive, and more unscrupulous than we. It has attacked our Public Schools as being "schools without religion" and intended "to turn the people into refined Pagans." Listen to this by the Rev. Michael Muller: "The object, then, of these Godless, irreligious Public Schools is to spread among the people the worst of religions, the one religion, the religion which pleases most hardened adulterers and criminals—the religion of irrational animals. The moral character of our Public Schools in many of our cities has sunk so low, that even courtesans have disguised themselves as school-girls in order the more surely to ply their foul vocation."

Yet, in some of our larger cities, like Chicago and Boston, seventy-five per cent of the teachers of the Public Schools are members of that "World Power."

Wrapped in the seamless robe of the Savior for which it gambled at the foot of the Cross, that "World Power" comes to us in the name of Jesus, garbles and twists His teaching, and proclaims itself His sole representative on earth. Yet, when it considers itself safe, it throws aside the garb of religion and reveals its true nature as a gigantic political organization, determined to crush individual liberty and freedom of thought, and by superstition, ignorance, and fear, to bring all peoples into subjection to its tyrannic will.

Don't fool yourselves by thinking that the danger is past because as a result of the last election one of its craftiest agents has been taken out of the public service, and a 32° Mason placed in the Presidential Chair. There is danger, and it is very real and near. That "World Power" has_ muzzled nearly all our press. It has captured or poisoned our sources of information. It is organizing an army of Knights who are sworn to bring our Country to the knees of their Pontiff in humble obedience.

Before "Freemasonry as a World. Power" there looms the inevitable struggle with this superior foe-superior in numbers, wealth and strategy. Shall we face the coming conflict like Shakespeare's Hamlet, nerveless and bewailing—

The time is out of joint: Oh, cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right.

Or, shall we not rather cry, like the English poet, Rupert Brooke, who sailed from Gallipoli to the front and gave up his life for liberty, in the late war:

"Now, God be thanked who hath matched us with this hour!"

We need to face the future with intelligent fortitude, calm faith and resolute wills. Let not the odds against us daunt us. Let us catch the inspiration of that magnificent exclamation of the heroic Fichte:

I raise my head to the threatening rock, the raging flood, and the fiery tempest, and cry, "I am Eternal and defy your might; break all upon me, and thou Earth and thou Heaven, mingle in the wild tumult; and all ye elements foam and fret yourselves, and crush in your conflict the last atom of the body I call mine, my Will, secure in its own firm purpose, shall soar unwavering and hold over the wreck of the universe!"

Then "Freemasonry as a World Power" will, stand revealed, as uncon-quered and unconquerable.

Most base is he who, 'neath the shade Of Freedom's ensign plies Corruption's trade.

In 1921 Masons saw the world as a struggle between two world powers-Masonry and the Vatican

New Age Magazine, The Official Organ of the Supreme Council of 33 A & A Scottish Rite, Sept. 1929, Washington,D.C.,p.38 9.

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