Joseph Holt

A John C. Breckenridge,D

William L.Dayton,R. Andrew J. Donelson,A.

A Jacob Thompson Set- Mt.

Edwin M. Stanton j

Joseph Holt > Post- Sen. Horatio King


Hannibal Hamlin.R.

Winfield Scott W. John P. Hate,LP.

William L. Marcy Jefferson Davis *.« * Robert McClelland James Campbell


John C Fremont,R. V* Millard Fillmore,A.

Lewis Cass $ Jeremiah S. Black Howell Cobb AV Philip F. Thomas John A. Dix # John B. Floyd vK Joseph Holt

William A. Graham.W. George W. Julian, LP.

James Guthrie •'<" James C. Dobbin Caleb Cushing '/

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