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then the Satanists will demand the right to teach Satanism." Personally, this Author would take his chance on that.

As it is, Satanism and the New Age are being taught in the schools, and New Age recruiters are using the schools as recruiting centers. This is not conjecture, ex-New Agers have revealed this systematic recruiting program is going on in the schools. And the New Order's plans are to introduce Bush's educational program—Globalism 2000, which books will be overtly New Age, and so blatantly anti-Christian that the students will be asked to denounce Christianity. Bush who borrowed Alice Bailey's "thousand points of light" expression, uses her material as part of the Globalism 2000 curriculum. It is no coincidence, that Bush the self-proclaimed "education" President, and admirer of Bailey, emphasises education. Alice Bailey in Externalization of the Hierarchy, (p.61) declares, "The most spiritual use now to be found in the world is the application of money to the purposes of education." Why does education have such an overriding spiritual context? Because they are teaching the New Order's Spiritual systems of Gnosticism, Humanism, and the New Age in the school systems, and have been for much longer than people realize.

The United States now has witches writing our curriculums. Although the same people who are secretly involved in ritual human sacrifice are being called upon by our government to fashion the new curriculums, the public is unaware of this.

Their approach to sin (evil) is shown in a Bill Moyer's television special in late 1988 on the subject of evil. An array of men weighted down with the big credentials of academia paraded their intellectual thoughts on Moyer's special. The Biblical answer to sin, a tried and tested method that has worked millions of times wasn't discussed. Their talk boiled down to Mankind will overcome this problem with education. As these "experts" aren't aware of what sin is (according to the Lord of the Universe), it's not likely such men are ever going to solve the problem for us. Nor will the planned police state.

In a new guide book that teachers are already being asked to read, Anti-Bias Curriculum Tools for EMPOWERING Young Children, two pages are spent teaching the Educators how to dispel the image that witches are evil. According to the book, the idea that witches are evil is "so offensive, especially to many women." The teacher is instructed to say, "What I know is that the real women we call witches weren't bad. They really helped people." The teacher is encouraged to teach halloween chants, to bring in books on witches and healers, etc.26

If we look at just one public school in Oregon, we can see what has happened under Masonic direction. This school has replaced Christmas events and a Christmas party with a Winter Solstice Festival complete with Wizzards, witches, Druids, etc. The teachers in an all-teacher's conference gather in Mandalas (the form of a Witch's coven) and for such a meeting draw Mandalas (a form of Buddhist prayer). The Hindu third eye is taught in the class "Math and the Mind's Eye" —Course I & II, and in other classes as well. Christian ideas about marriage are obviously outdated, as teachers promote living together unmarried to the students, and other ideas of sexual promiscuity. The following holidays are to be special events- The Russian Revolution's May Day, the Independence Day of Red China, Buddha's birthday, Mohammad's birthday, and several Jewish religious holidays like Yom Kippur. What is blatantly missing in this public school is anything about Christ or Christian holidays, such as Christmas.

When one reads the new instructions to teachers, the Anti-Bias Curriculum, there is a noticable absent item, that is any concern about bias against Christianity. Devout Christians no matter what label they carry are in short suppy, and are one of the most persecuted ravaged groups. Many sincere believers in Jesus Christ, must suffer indignities from the hands of those who only pretend to be Christians. It seems to me to be very biased to remove Christmas celebrations and replace them with Druids and Witches, such as has been done in the school refered to in the proceeding paragraph. This author is aware of other reported events in schools across this country which displayed the same hate for Christianity and esteem for the pagan mystery religions, and its all done under the disguise of religious freedom. This is actually according to the NEA's plans.

Samuel Blumenfeld's book NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education does a full blown expose on how the NEA has planned to create illiteracy along with the Socialist One-World-Nation they are helping establish. Another of his books exposes how the private schools were functioning fine in America before public schools began to predominate, and how they were supplanted by the actions of those opposed to God with the purpose of destroying religious values.

Another example, students being expelled for talking on their own time about after school Bible Studies, while their particular school had Satanic posters in the library. Incredible, yes but true. You will not find the Masons running campaigns against Satanism and the Mystery Religions entering our schools, like they did against Christianity. When Christians have called the ACLU to get support for legal action against the introduction of the religion of Satanism into their School system, the ACLU was not in the least interested. The mask has come off, the leaders of the Masons and the ACLU are not interested in religious freedom, they have been interested in the systematic destruction of Christianity, and its prostitution to serve their goals toward a One-World-State.

In the gifted school program, the classes being given for our most gifted children, they are introducing them to the mystery religions on school time by what they call "Phantasy Games Class." In American PE classes they have the children chanting mantras (a form of Hindu

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