good by nature. John A. Widtsoe, a leading Mormon writer, argued after Darwin's theory of evolution came out, that "God was not the creator, nor was he omnipotent. He too was governed by natural law, which was fundamental."9

Again returning to doctrine, the underlying bottom line in

Mormonism, is the Masonic idea of flexible truth. Thaddeus E.

Shoemaker, Mormon scholar, advocates that the key to a dynamic faith is to have a theology based on speculation—what he calls

"speculative Theology".100

The generic Mormon mish-mash of Theology, this homemade brew that each Mormon priest and theology student cooks from his own recipe, is very representative of masonic philosophy. Add to that a leadership which gives revelations based on esoteric masonic beliefs, and add to that that all the Mormon prophets have been

Masons, then is it any surprise that the ideas of universalism, polytheism, exaltation to godhood, multiple heavens, and many other ideas which have surged through the Masonic Lodges and the books they publish, are part of Mormonism?

The Mormon temple in Salt Lake City is covered with Masonic symbols. These are explained by some Mormon scholars to have been placed there because Mormonism and Masonry come from the same origin. The explanation the Mormon Gavin gives for the Star of

David on the Mormon temple is "It must be remembered that the

Mormons are Israelites, being descendants of Abraham through the lineage of Joseph who was sold into Egypt As members of the great nation of Israel, the Mormons have a legal right to use the special insignia and emblems which that ancient nation 101


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