the 1968 meeting but not at the 1966.)8 The high ranking Mason Gerald Ford (originally named Leslie King) had attended the 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1970 Bilderberger meetings. The significance of these men being delegates in 1966 might at first glance elude the reader today, because they have since been chief-executives or in top level government positions. However, the significance is that these men in 1966 were relatively unknowns. Within eight years these Bilderbergers had become prominent.


This raises the question, didn't Gerald Ford just happen to become President? William Still, who has recently written the book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, became interested in the subject that his and this book concern when his father Lt. Col. William L. Still, was approached by someone who asked his father how he would feel if there was a military takeover of the U.S. government and implicating that Nixon wanted to take over. The day was about October 15, 1973. Nixon was in trouble with Watergate. Still's father wrote a memorandum warning that a military coup was being planned to put Nixon into office for a third term by any means. William Still researched that mysterious coup that never happened, and as a result became aware that things are in serious trouble for this nation, as we approach the slavery of the New World Order.

William Still writes, "I hope the publication of this book will stimulate the release of new data..." If William Still is reading this book, I would like to give him new data and fill him in on what happened. But this will not be the story he expected.

In dealing with operations done by the CIA and intelligence agencies, one is dealing with a world of lies and counterlies. There are so many layers of lies that the truth is difficult to unbury, but once it is, the lies often fall apart. "The man who must depend upon research and investigation inevitably falls victim to the many pitfalls of the secret world and of the cover world with its lies and counterlies."—Contact officer between the CIA and the DOD (Dept. of Defense) from 1955 to Dec. 1963.

Many of the Army, Navy, and Airforce leadership are CIA assets.9 Many of the people in the U.S. Government are CIA assets. The CIA has spent many years and much money to get their CIA assets into all the various areas of the government.10 The CIA is adept at leaking or creating false stories that have all the earmarks of being true. In his book Prouty debunks the "Pentagon Papers". The Pentagon Papers appeared to be an expose of the U.S. government. Actually, they were manufactured by the CIA and were simply fiction. What Lt. Gen. Still had "leaked" to him was a carefully orchestrated smokescreen, a diversion. By having their CIA assets in the government start the rumors going around that Nixon was going to create a dictatorship by a military coup, they allowed their military coup to go undetected. Their take-over actions almost looked like a response to Nixon's supposed coup. It was brilliant. To further cover their tracks several misleading books have been published subsequently that are written by participants of those days.

The following events took place.(You can believe this or not—it is presented simply as an example of how powerful the Bilderburgers are, that they make and toss away Presidents. To conserve space this section will not go into why they wanted to elect Nixon and then toss him. If you are interested, others are also capable of telling you why.)

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