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39. People are not perfect when resurrected. (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p. 234, para.29) Other WT articles also bring out how people have the same ideas in their heads as they had before Armageddon. The WT 1912, p. 169 refers to accidents happening in the Millenium.

40. Already in the past JWs were given a choice be loyal to the organization or choose the selfish right to have children. They were expected to be obedient and not have children. This commandment was characterized in the Report of the Jehovah's Witness Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, p.52, "The book Children is manna from heaven prepared by the Lord for the people of good will to enable them to see their relationship to Theocracy." It was said to be proper to wait until after Armageddon to have children. (Children, p.313)

41."The survivors of Armageddon under the direction of the King and his princes, will marry..." (Let God Be True, p. 265) Christ will personally be the matchmaker for every couple. (WT 1956, p. 604.)

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Survival Basics

Survival Basics

This is common knowledge that disaster is everywhere. Its in the streets, its inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe because no one is really THAT secure anymore but whether we can do something to lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

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