Important Bloodlines

Important bloodlines for the Power include:

•The Jewish bloodline of the Prieure de Sion which starts with the tribe of Dan, extends through the Merovingian Dynasty and into the Hapsburg royalty. This bloodline has kept a close association with all branches of the occult, often providing the leadership for the occult.

•The bloodlines of the leaders of the LDS and RLDS churches which go back to the bloodline of the Prieure de Sion, the Merovingians. A secret society of Danites was created by the LDS church.

•The bloodlines of the 13 llluminati families, which include several Jewish and Maranos Jewish families.

•The bloodlines of the petty Hasidic Jewish messiahs that began their religious reigns in Poland among the Askinazim.

•The bloodlines of the Babylonish Talmudic Jews. Historical evidence shows these bloodlines were of mixed blood even in Christ's time, in disregard for the Scriptures commandments not to mix blood.2

•The bloodlines of the "Successors of the Messiah", that is the bloodline of the Sufi leadership.

•The bloodlines of the Knights of Malta. The aristocratic/royal bloodlines carry titles, wealth and power.

•The bloodlines of the descendents of William of Orange and those who helped him conquer England. They have been in powerful positions since, especially in England. Part of William of Orange's help was derived from those of Jewish descent.

• The bloodlines of the thirteen llluminati families (which have tie ins to the blood lines above). These thirteen are not a fixed set, but because of their power change in who are the thirteen doesn't often occur. A tentative list of these thirteen families includes Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Lee, Onnasis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Van Dyne.

Besides those families there are a host of other families that are important within the llluminati. The list includes:

(those of German Jewish Heritage): Adler, Geisenheimer, Goldschmidt, Guggenheim, Lazard, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Seligman, Sichel, Speyer, Stern, Russell, Wolf(e) (and those of British or Scottish Heritage): Acheson, Bell, Billings, Brown, Buckland, Clinton, Eddy, Frost, Gardner, Hall, Hopkins, Hooker, Kennedy, Leek, Lord, Morgan, Sinclair (St. Clair), Smith, Tolkein, Lewwellyn

(and others such as): Hapsburgs, Sassoons

What makes this study of vital and timely importance is that members of these bloodlines intend within the 7-year period of 1992-1999 to launch a sequence of events to lead the world into a one world slave-state ruled by a man controlled by the god which the elites worship. Should the reader allow, I will quote from the Power's own statements plus other proof to show that this god, the god of the world, is Lucifer (aka Satan, Sanat, Venus, etc.) For thousands of years, The Plan for world domination has been passed down from occult generation to occult generation. Spaced every 20 years plus is a Feast of the Beast, a year-long holiday during which Satanists receive new instructions from Satan on how to carry out The Plan.3 We read of the great holiday and its Great Councils in Externalization of the Hierarchy, when Satan's instrument Alice Bailey writes, "The past year...has, however, been the year in which the greatest spiritual Approach of all time has shown itself to be possible - an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for which all the Wesak Festivals since the meeting of the Great Council in 1925 have been preparatory. I have, in past instructions, referred to the great meetings held at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of the planet and particularly of man." (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 389.)

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