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The idea of illuminism is an old one. One of the earliest Catholic scholars to adopt illuminism was Joachim of Floris. Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century was heavily influenced by Jewish apocalyptic thought and under the veil of being Christian began a group of "Illuminated Ones." A number of the ideas that this Illumined Master Joachim of Floris held, can be seen to have resurfaced with certain Adventists, such as Charles Taze Russell, among others. Joachim of Floris believed a new race of spiritual or enlightened ones would take control of the world. This view is now echoed in hundreds of religious groups today. One of his ideas that of viewing the days of Rev. 12 as equaling a year was picked up by C.T. Russell. Thomas Aquinas attacked that view in Summa Theologia (part 3, "Supplement," p. 77, art. 1 & 2).1

The Illuminated Ones were very sucessful in various ways to discredit Christianity and establish their own agenda. They have worked quietly through differse groups, and it has taken centuries for the fulfillment of the Plan, which various Illumined ones call "the Divine Plan." The advancement of technology has greatly added to the fulfillment of the goals. Some of the greatest advancements in technology have come through Illumined minds such as Thomas Edison (who was both Jewish and a Rosicrucian) , and Nikola Tesla who were friends and co-workers. Edison's daily associate was the Freemason George E. Stringfellow.2 Everett W. Frazar was a Freemason who worked at Edison's lab.


The Illumined Ones receive their illumination through various channels which correspond incidentally to the Hindi forms of salvation. Drugs, dances, channeling, rituals, and intuitive knowledge are methods to be enlightened or illumined. These types of activities have characterized the Mystery Schools since Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient Babylon. Christianity would call illumination under many circumstances "demon possession."

Nikola Tesla was quite open that his achievements (and some have called him the "greatest inventor" ever) came from intuitive knowledge.3 Other scientists have also received their ideas from some outside source of illumination.

The Illumined Ones stand in opposition to Christ and his teachings. Christ believed he was the Truth, and the Light. He taught that no one could come to the Heavenly Father except through him. Illuminism teaches disodedience to our Creator God, because it believes men can become Gods. This mysticism has worked to destroy all the normal aspects of authority and to glorify Lucifer. This it has done, under many masks.

If the Illuminati goals of destruction of family, nation, and Christianity along with the establishment of a 1-world-government were to be achieved, then the largest religious body, the Catholic Church would have to be included. The capture of the Roman Catholic Church is one of their crowning achievements.

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End of Days Apocalypse

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