How The Prieure De Sion Started The Scottish Rite

Charles Radclyffe was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion from 1727-1746.1 "It is probable that Scottish Rite Freemasonry was originally promulgated, if not indeed devised, by Charles Radclyffe."17 It seems also most likely that Charles Radclyffe was one of the "unknown superiors" (likely the head one) of a German nobleman Baron Karl Gottheif von Hund18 (1722-1776) who is well known to have created the Rite of Strict Observance.19 According to von Hund a Grand Master of a super secret order authorized him to start the Rite of Strict Observance. The Rite of Strict Observance entered France in 17 58 under the name of Council of the Emperiors of the East and West, and three years later authorized Stephen Morin to take the rite to the four corners of the earth.20 With his Charter of Authority Morin went to Jamaica where he initiated the Jew Moses M. Hayes. Hays went to Charleston, SC. The Rite that Hays established had only the 25 degrees that Von Hund had offered.21 The Rite of Perfection is now known as the Scottish Rite, and in around 1802 the authorization was given to allow Masons to progress in eight more degrees.22 Another early branch of the Rite of Perfection had 32 degrees, and this contradiction was eventually worked out. The result is that Scottish Freemasonry has 32 degrees for most worthy Masons to achieve, with 33 special men chosen to an advanced 33 degree. In addition to this numerous men are made

Scotish Rite Freemason Royal Arch Tribes Chapter Banners

honorary 33° Masons. The Scottish Rite Lodges are still referred to as the Rite of Strict Observance.

The Prieure de Sion recruits it own special ones from the upper reaches of the Scottish Rite. After the Scottish Rite men can procede to the Rite of Mizriam, which also has ties to the Prieure de Sion. The upper grades of the Scottish Rite are the lower degrees of the Prieure de Sion, according to M. Jean-Luc Chaumeil, a man who had contact with the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion and was familiar with that Society.23 Also according to Jean-Luc Chaumeil, whose knowledge of the Prieure de Sion is obviously of merit and worthy of attention, the Prieure de Sion is generally Jewish but a few non-Jewish members are admitted.24

Why would a man like Chaumeil leak information about this powerful Jewish society which is claimed to guard the holy blood lineage of King David and Jesus Christ? Because the time is close when the most powerful "Jews" in the world plan to reestablish a King-Priest to rule the world. People must be given a chance to believe in this purported blood descendent of Jesus Christ. In order to legitimatize their story, they have orchestrated a complex series of "leaks", which has revealed the existence of their Order and its antiquity. Whether their story line that they have guarded the royal blood line is true or not, it has enough truth in it to fool most people. It is and will be one of the best orchestrated hoaxes of history. By uniting both the Christians and Jews behind this Messiah, they can rule the world with the religious blessings of the masses. Now the reader begins to see the significance, that the present day Pope is Jewish, a Freemason, and working with the Prieure de Sion.25

[FIG. 7 picture of square and compass becoming the seal of solomon PASTEUP 1.6 x 5]



The Prieure de Sion is specifically tied to the blood line purported to be of Jesus of the House of David. The various orders of Freemasonry also relate to the lineage of the House of David.

For instance we learn from 33° Mackey, "So that now almost all the symbolism of Freemasonry rests upon or is derived from the "House of the Lord" at Jerusalem. So closely are the two connected, that to attempt to separate the one from the other would be fatal to the further existence of Masonry. Each lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master in the chair a

Prieur Sion

representative of the Jewish king; and every Mason a personation of the Jewish workman."26

In the big book Masonic History of the Northwest written by some past Grand Masters we are told,

"In the English organization of the Chapter the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King, though nominally a tributary Prince, first under the Persian King Cyrus and afterward Darius by reason of the war of the Revolution for American Independence, caused the word Royal to be looked upon with disfavor by patriotic American Masons; and, as Oliver, the English Masonic historian, truly says in his 'Historical Landmarks.':

'Our transatlantic Brethren,[Americans] impelled probably by a dislike to royalty, have deposed Zerrubbabel from the first chair and place the High Priest in his place, giving the King only the second throne, which is evidently erroneous; and they have also greatly injured the force of the illustration of the triple office of the MESSIAH, by substituting a scribe for a prophet in the third chair."27

Masons have looked forward to the Jewish goal of rebuilding the Jewish temple. It is a theme repeatedly pushed in the Masonic temples. An example of this is the Scottish Rite article by 33° Mason Charles L. Bachtel entitled "Where Is King Solomon's Temple". "Until the arrival of the day when the Temple is located and reconstructed for the use of all mankind, we should carry the symbol of the Temple in our hearts."28

[FIGURE 9 Picture of the interior of a Royal Arch Lodge showing the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel, SCAN 7 x 6.5.]

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