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The diagram showS that witchcraft and magic can said to be performed either for "good", or evil. Witchcraft can also be done with physical implements, or secretly with some internal power. From those two divisions, four possibilities arise as is diagramed.

Some examples of what is meant by the four categories. A (E-BNL)- Person with a ouiji board B (E-HML)- Person sticking pins in a voodoo doll

C (I-BNL)- This is a whole area that has entered into the Christian churches through people like Jimmy Carter's sister Ruth Carter Stapleton, who is said to be the top witch in North America. She calls it "inner healing." It has various names and variations. Basically, it is casting a good spell on someone, including oneself. D (I-HML)- Casting a harmful spell on someone.

Historically, Christians have rejected all of these forms of Witchcraft. But today Block C has been introduced into many Christian churches. It is introduced through New Agers who pretend to be Christians, either as speakers or as members. (Yes, pretend is the proper description because some are actually infiltrating, knowing full well what they are doing.) Kurt Billings, whose mother was a high witch, was trained by the New Age to infiltrate churches posing as a born-again Christian. He told his story on Praise The Lord, Beaumont, TX. Men like Kurt who were taught how to infiltrate and subvert the Christian churches are trying to warn the Christians.

The new age also uses books such as How to Write Your Own Ticket With God to promote their witchcraft too.

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