How Easy It Is To Deceive

Our self-deception is one of the Power's best allies.

The truth simply needs to be suppressed, and fictions embellished somewhat to fool most people. For instance, suppress the actual figures of how many Masons are in government positions, and embellish fictions of how many anti or non-Masons are in government. Masonic statements to such effect don't mention how those non-Masons allowed in government still fit into their plans and power structure. Grand Orient Masons are not on the rolls of American Lodges, although they are Masons. Masons pretend to the public that those Americans with only European lodge memberships are not Masons. Further, a man bought off by the Masons is just as much theirs as one who is a member but they can say he is not a Mason. Or again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish involvement in the Masons, and stress the fiction of anti-Jewish lodges. Or again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish Masonic involvement with Communism, and stress the fiction of anti-Semitism in Russia. The show case propoganda in communist countries of anti-semitism works well to hide the overwhelming figures of Jews within the communist power structure.

Still, this Author's experience is that many Christians would rather listen to men who have repeatedly sworn to deceive than to read what the Masons actually teach. Why? It is discomforting to them to disturb their secure feeling in this present system. They don't want to learn that their present system is an elaborate myth, concealing and insulating the world power from anything that might oppose it.

The Mason Rev. Dr. William Dodd in a speech to brother Masons to open a new Masonic temple in 1794 traced Freemasonry from "the first astronomers on the plains of Chaldea, the wise and mystic kings and priests of Egypt, the sages of Greece and philosophers of Rome." Whether or not this would be historically correct if one looks from 1794 backward in Masonic history, it clearly shows that even in 17 94 the Freemasons did desire to identify themselves with the Mystery Religions of the ancient pagans.

Let us examine one Masonic deception- that their organization was or is Christian. (See chapter 1.17 for more on Masonic deception.) Recently, Episcopalian theologian Dr. Morey wrote a book declaring Freemasonry's origin and early history to be Christian. Today, Masons are still leading people to believe it is a Christian institute. Morey's book has been in Christian book stores. According to Morey, his book is popular with Masons, and is to be advertised in a Masonic magazine. This Episcopalian Theologian with Masonic friends, says that his permission to visit the best Masonic library was because the Masons were blinded just like when Brother Andrew went into Communist countries. He says they never once asked in weeks of his research who he was. Indeed, they opened up locked documents and made suggestions as to what he could see.11 This Author and others have repeatedly been told by official representatives of the Scottish Rite that no-one except Masons with special permission are allowed to use such libraries. This Author and others know that they do ask who people are. They don't just allow anyone in. Also in this Author's research experience almost everywhere he has researched at, i.e. at Public Libraries, the Patent Office, etc., he has experienced numerous requests for I.D. or his signature. The reader can draw his own conclusions, but it is the opinion of this Author that it is highly possible the grossly misleading research of Morey's book, was a setup, aided by his Masonic friends who asked their library to play dumb, break the rules, and assist (guide) this research. There are other suspicious items about the book, but it will take time to follow them up.


Yes, I agree Be Wise As Serpents conclusions sound outrageous AT FIRST. But after the reader is aware of this book's contents though, then the testimony of those who have confided to this Author of their paricipation in the conspiracy of the major religions to bring the One-World-Religion will be seen to be credible.

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