Historically Prominent Ancestors Of Lds President Albert Smith

President George Albert Smith John Henry Smith, md Sarah Farr George Albert Smith, died 1875, md Sarah Ann Libby Clarissa Lyman, md. John Smith Richard Lyman md. Philomela Loomis John Lyman, died 1781, md

Mary Strong Richard Lyman, d. 1746, md

Mary Woodward Richard Lyman, md. Elizabeth Coles Richard Lyman, md. Hepzibah Ford Richard Lyman, d. 1640, md.

Sarah Osborne Henry Lyman, d. 1587, md. Phyllis Scot

John Lyman, d. 1589, md Margaret Girard

Henry Lyman, md Alicia Hyde Elizabeth Lambert, d. 1509, md

Thomas Lyman Henry Lambert Robert Lambert Lady Joan de Umfraville, md.

Sir William Lambert Sir Thomas de Umfraville, md

Lady Agnes Sir Thomas de Umfraville, md Lady Joan de Rodam

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End of Days Apocalypse

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