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To seek for God is a claimed goal of religion. This seems to be a fine goal. If one wants to search for and study a rock, there is no objection on the part of the rock. If one wants to search for and study a man without his consent, he may run into big trouble. If one searches for God, he finds out that unless God reveals Himself to the searcher the finite man cannot find an infinite and Holy God.

Christ came with the object of showing man how man doesn't need to seek God by himself, that God is willing to reveal Himself to mankind. Rather than relying on religion, man can allow God to reconcile Himself to mankind. Jesus Christ was not very complimentary to the religious leaders of the day. He called them "ye fools and blind; woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites." (Mt 23:13)

Those Pharisees had picked up the entire Babylonian gnostic religious system. After Jerusalem fell to the Romans the Jewish religious leaders returned to Babylonia, which became the Jewish religious center until they began moving into Europe in the middle ages. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states on pages 13 through 17,

"...in the second century C.E.[A.D.] Babylonia had become a bulwark of Judaism The former land of exile had become a land of refuge... The 7th century found the importance of Babylonian Jewry considerably increased. During the preceding 300 years, Palestine had been merely a place of veneration, while Babylonia became the center of Jewish life and learning. Babylonian Jews no longer looked to Palestine for instruction; even the heads of the schools at Tiberius were Babylonian Jews Babylonia was the spiritual center of Judaism, and its influence brought many Babylonian customs into general use..." (bold added)

The early groups called gnostics in Egypt and the Middle East were primarily Jews. From the preceeding information one begins to realize how indepted the world is to the Jews who served as a vehicle to spread gnosticism throughout the world.

(The Cause celebre of this book will be to show how the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower Society ties into the New World Order in chapters 1.5 to 1.17. Anyone at all familiar with how the Watchtower Society claims to have nothing to do with any political, religious, or fraternal group, will realize that if the Watchtower Society is part of this New World Order then our minds can adjust to accepting about anybody else could be involved too. Unit 2 will tell us who else.)


Let us examine for a while the Gnostic teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Rutherford in Preservation (1932) p. 153, "God has made known to his people the meaning of much that has heretofore been hidden, and may not those things be taken as proof that Armageddon is near,..."

The Jehovah's Witnesses credentials are based on revealing hidden knowledge.

Let us narrow our examination to their book The Harp of God.

"Jehovah had a great plan before the foundation of the world; but no one knew about it. During the first four thousand years of man's history God's plan was kept a secret. He began to reveal it to man nearly nineteen hundred years ago, and then only to those who are consecrated to do his will. Promise was made that greater light should come at the end of the age, and this promise has been kept. We ARE AT THAT TIME, as clearly proven by the contents herein...

People generally have not been thoroughly instructed in the Bible. Even those who have attended the Sunday schools have merely learned the text and not the meaning of the text. Like the prophets of old, they have heard but understood not. The real reason for these conditions is that God's plan could not be understood until his due time to reveal it. HIS DUE TIME IS HERE. (Preface to The Harp of God, 1921)

"The mystery of God has been a stumbling block to both Jews and Christians, so-called; but in God's due time he WILL MAKE KNOWN to all the secret of his mystery and then all rightly exercised by this will rejoice with exceeding joy." (Harp of God, p. 182)

"The mystery is THE CHRIST...(ibid. ,p.l82) The Christ is the instrument or channel for the blessing of mankind. THE CHRIST IS COMPOSED OF JESUS, THE GREAT AND MIGHTY HEAD, AND 144,000 MEMBERS. (ibid, p.187)

"Jehovah has so arranged that only those who have their minds illuminated...can understand and appreciate the mystery of God. These are the ones designated by the prophet Joel as the servants and handmaidens of God..." (ibid., p.190)

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End of Days Apocalypse

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