Gnostic Religious Bodies Ruled By Hierarchies

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Some of these classifications are rough placements, because most of these groups overlap into other placements. Not only are they similar to one another, many of their leadership are in contact with one another.

This is the New Age Movement's Religious buffet. It's like going to Baskin & Robins where there are 32 flavors of ice cream. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it provides a feel for the different "flavors" of gnosticism a person can get into.

the reader of The Gnosis And Christianity, "the practice common to all the genuine Gnostic cults was followed in having at least three degrees of membership or initiation. It was only in the highest degree that the deepest 'mysteries' were orally communicated;..." Remember that last tip they gave us, that the deepest mysteries are only orally communicated to the very top leader(s). In terms of their use of the ternary system, consider the following gnostic religions.

Catharism: 1. pure ones, 2. the initiates, 3. the masses.

Jehovah's Witnesses: 3. the Great Crowd, 2. the Annointed, 1. the Faithful and Wise Servant(s) those actually leading/the President or Governing Body.

The Mormons: 3. the Aaronic priesthood, 2. the Melchizedek Priesthood, 1. the Top prophet and his presidency.

The Nazis: 3. The Aryan race 2. the Nazi Party 1. the very top of the Nazi religion the high priest Hitler (who was considered their god by some devoted Nazis).

Lamaism: 1.the Dalai-Lama (considered god, a reincarnated Buddha) 2. the Lama priests (aka tulkous), 3. the mass of Tibetan believers.

The Essenes: 1. The Perfect, 2. the Brethren, 3. the Neophytes.

Church Universal & Triumphant: l.The Messenger 2a. Permanent Staff 2b. Temporary Staff 3a. Community Member 3b. Keeper of the Flame 3c. Pearl's Reader.

[Place FIG. 2 -chart of gnostic religious flavors]

Many have asked this author, do the leaders of the cults know what is going on? Yes, they have been orally, emphasis on that word orally told exactly what is happening. The leaders of the New Age, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the LDS church know what they are up to, and what their roles are in creating a one-world government. That is the method that Gnosticism uses. The very top Prophet or Illuminated Master is informed orally.

Illumination for any Gnostic group comes from superhuman knowledge. New Age leaders almost always claim they are channeling. There is an evolving dualistic fight of lightness and darkness found in the Hindu Vedas, the old Germanic legends, the Nordic sagas, and the Jehovah's Witnesses myth that Jehovah is struggling to vindicate himself to Satan. Like C.T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society, the gnostics often see the sun as a primary sacred symbol. The Hakenkreuz (swastika) of the Nazis was a sun wheel. The swastika was a frequently used Masonic symbol, until Hitler. Since Hitler, the Masons haven't been using it. It is also called the gamma cross and has been used for many centuries. The Jewish gnostic groups have tended to exalt the moon, (also the planets and stars) while Aryan groups from India, Iran, and Germany tend to exalt the Sun.

One of the better summaries of Gnosticism, and how Gnostic religion has come down the ages to us today is given by the Theosophical Society,

"From the time of the closing of the Neo-Platonic and Gnostic Schools to the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, save for the few alchemists, Kabalists, Rosicrucians, occultly instructed Masons and Christian mystics, Theosophy was unknown in the Western world. Before then it was known and studied in various forms by the Platonists, the Pythagoreans, the Egyptians, and the Chaldeans, whilst in India and China it has been preserved down the ages in unbroken continuity. It is the wisdom of the Upanishads and the Vedas, the very heart of Hinduism, Taoism and Islam."4

To realize what is being said here is eye opening. The Rosicrucians and occult Masons have preserved Gnostic Theosophy which is the very heart of Hinduism, Taoism and Islam.

The Gnostic religions are often called pagan. This pagan worship is often the exoteric cover that the first levels are initiated into. The highest level is often the real esoteric worship, and often involves direct Luciferian or Satanic worship. In other words, the Sun worship of the Masons and other groups is a fig leaf for the worship by the highest levels of the Divine Serpent Satan.

Gnostic religions use symbols and rituals. The Jehovah's Witnesses have formed their own new rituals, and their own new symbols. But they have retained the magical use of the word Jehovah which has been in use for centuries. The WT Society has followed the very popular school of Gnosticism which follows the ideas of Valentius. This school teaches that matter is more evil than good, and that all matter will be destroyed by fire. For instance, this pattern of thought is seen in the refusal of the WT Society to accept sex as a natural process and to view it as an evil to be tolerated.

Listen to a professed Gnostic, "Humanity reaches forward to a spiritual consummation when the whole Earth will be peopled with a Race of men fully conscious of their god-like nature and powers; and sin, sickness, and death will have been banished for the remaining period of the Earth's cosmic cycle."5 It almost sounds like something out of the Watchtower magazine. The WT magazine has even used the phraseolgy that a new race was to inhabit the New System.6

The Gnostics believe they have a deeper form of Christianity. Then they generally take this further contending that they have the root teaching for the ancient scriptures of the other religions. They indeed have the root teaching of religion, but not of the Christian faith.

In the first book of the Hebrew scriptures is the story of the perfect Garden of Eden. This perfect garden environment shows that originally God had established order.

(Some readers may not believe the Genesis account, even so by continuing to read this chapter you will understand an alternative to the New World Order's Gnosticism and why many Christians contend their faith in God is the opposite of religion. This is important not only for those seeking answers but also to understand why the Christianity that Christ taught is being singled out for destruction.)

From the time man left that Garden environment of order, he has been trying to create a New World Order. By the use of religion he has tried to patch up the wild world, and to rearrange, to repair, to reform this polluted disordered world. The condition of the world testifies that religion has failed. But religion was never meant to be the tool to reorder the world. In the Garden of Eden, Jesus Christ was promised to Adam and Eve as God's own method of reconciling Himself back to mankind. Christ was the hope of the Hebrew prophets, and the center of their faith in God. The mystery of God, Jesus Christ, was sent to man as God's way of allowing those people searching for Him to get to know Him. Religion is supposedly a search for God, but in reality the priesthoods are not honestly looking for God to reveal Himself (how often do they speak of a need for an atonement?), but they are looking for techniques they can develop to sell to the masses. Religion continues for various reasons, many of them selfish.

In reality, they have misunderstood the Christian message. They reinterpret in the view of their religious message. All religions are seeking God(s) in their own strength, and becoming proud of their findings.

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