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The year was 1825 and the country's attention was focused on the famous french General Lafayette, (a member of the Illuminati) who was touring the United States. At every town the Masonic Lodges went to great lengths to prepare great festivities. (General Lafayette had possibly been given his position in Washington's revolutionary army due to his Masonic connections, although initially the Americans had been somewhat cool to putting him on the staff of the Continental army. The foreign military experts taken in by the American Continental Army were all Masons. Prior to Lafayette's original arrival in the colonies, French agents, with ties to the Grand Orient Masons, had been stirring up trouble in the British colonies.)

After the American Revolution's end, Lafayette went back to France, where he was to play a role in the French Revolution. Lafayette was one of the most powerful men within the secret masonic societies of France. He did have his secret Illuminati superiors. He was not only a high ranking Freemason, but a leader of the Carbonari (called Forest Masons).

It is interesting to note that the man the Masons selected to wine and dine with Lafayette in the New York area on his 1825 tour was a farmer from the town of Poultney, VT. At this point in history this Mason farmer had not distinquished himself in anything especially except his fervor in Masonry. This Mason was William Miller.

He was aided by the Masonic deists in his area to broaden his knowledge. The Episcopalian deist Matthew Lyon had a large personal library and had shared it with William Miller. Miller read all the great Masonic thinkers of the time, Voltaire, Hume, Paine, Ethan Allen, and others. Up to now however, most scholars because they are unfamiliar with the strong secular millenialism within those non-Christian masonic writers, have tended to view Miller's Millenial views as his own creation.

It is hard to accept that William Miller did not draw from others. One of the best Millenial scholars, Michael Barkun aptly writes, "Although to all appearences theologically self-taught, the congruence between his Biblical interpretations and older readings of millenarian symbols strongly implies access to an oral if not a written exegetical tradition." This Author concurs.

Before meeting with Lafayette, Miller had married Lucy Smith. Then he claimed to have become a Christian in 1816, and to have discovered the date of the return of Christ from independent study in 1818.

So the Grand Master met with him. And Miller, like Lafayette, would within a few years be travelling around the country visiting many Masonic Lodges. Miller claimed to have lectured 4,000 times from June 9, 1834 and 1845. His biographer, Sylvester Bliss, mentions more than 230 communities that Miller spoke to. Up until 1839, these were confined to New York and Vermont. Miller's meeting with Joshua Vaughan Himes changed that.

William Miller joined the Masonic Lodge in 1803. At that point he was well known for his rejection of Christ as Savior and his Deism. Later, he joined the Baptist church. According to Miller, he set out to harmonize the contradictions of the Bible himself. It's interesting that when Miller was finished harmonizing his religious views, those views were described as "a type that would pass with the world philosophical, pure, and sublime."

Two important ministers early on for William Miller also had Masonic connections, Elder Fuller of Poultney, VT. and Joshua Himes. Elder Fuller had influenced William Miller during the "silent years" before Miller's ministry and was one of the first to join his movement. William Miller's best friend, Truman Hendryx, was a Baptist minister of possible Jewish heritage.

In 1833, a group of Baptist ministers from White-Hall where Miller had met Lafayette, and from Hampton, NY gave Miller, a layman, a license to preach. For a layman to receive such a license was unusual, especially since it was clear at that time that William Miller was preaching the return of Christ and that the Millenial Age was soon-to-come in 1843. Soon afterwards, another strange and unique document was put together by 17 clergymen from various denominations authoring Miller to preach. As these denominations often back then had heated squabbles over doctrine, it was very unique that such a variety of denominations would give Miller such a document to authorize him to preach. It smells of Masonic influence.

The Masons at the time were powerful within the clergy. According to the scholar Whitney R. Cross, "About a fourth of all Protestant ministers were Masons," in that region of the U.S. The Masonic lodge recruited men of influence: politicians, merchants, and clergymen. Cross adds, "though their congregations were not, and like any group of private individuals interlocked against competition on economic, political, or social levels, they [the Masons] subverted the democratic process."

Also interesting is an analysis of the 1850 census. It reveals the following statistics about the Adventist movement and their leaders. 20 percent were farmers, 6 percent were merchants, 13 percent were craftmen, and 45 percent were ministers. The Adventist movement drew from all types, but consisted mainly of Methodists, and of small-town New Yorkers with New English heritage.

The rapid rise in Second Adventist thought implies that its leaders went to other sources. It is also interesting to examine what type of men became Adventist leaders, such as men with Jewish backgrounds, with Yale and Andover educations, and men prominent in the Abolitionist movement. The Abolitionist movement, although it drew its moral indignation from what was happening to the slaves, it drew much of its finances and leadership from Secret Societies who apparently were bent on revolution.

William Miller's prophecies failed and made a laughing stock of those who would talk about Christ's return.

While attention was focused in the U.S. and the U.K. on the fulfillment of the Mason William Miller's prophecy about Christ's return a new religion very similar to Freemasonry believed that Miller's prophecy was fulfilled in the Middle East. This masonic like universal belief held that a man Baha'-u'llah was the manifestation of God, the Christ. They believed he created the foundation of the Kingdom of God on earth, and that the day would soon come when the Golden

Age would be ushered in. The foundations for a New World Order were passed to his son, who began to implement Baha'u'llah's Tablets and Instructions. So began the Bahai religion.

Bahai writer Jessyca Russell Gaver wrotes, "Among these prophecies was the belief that sometime between the years 1843 and 1847, His Holiness, Jesus Christ, would reappear on earth."

"Should you search through the scriptures of any divinely revealed religion, you will find that God has never sent His messengers to a place having no need of them-be it a town, a city, or a country that is fairly content, progressive, or spiritually aware Instead, such messengers seem to arise where they are needed most...This was the condition in the ancient country of Persia (now called Iran) about 200 years ago."4

While Miller's failed prophecies brought scorn on the Bible in the U.S. and Europe, in the Middle East they were being used to bolster a new universal religion called the Bahai faith. The Mason Kheiralla who first began teaching the Bahai faith in the 19th century had some Millerites as his early pupils. He taught them that the Mason William Miller's prophecies about Christ's return had been fulfilled in the Bab.

The Bab's Declaration in 1844 began the Baha'i' Era according to his followers.

Numerology is part of this religion. The numbers 9 and 19 are revered. They have a heirarchy called the Baha'i' Administrative Order which is headed by the Guardian of the Faith. Their goal is to unite mankind into one religion. They hold informal meetings called "firesides."

The Bahai faith has received help from the United Nations and the sympathy of Masons. It established its International Headquarter in Palestine just prior to W.W.I at what is now Haifa, Israel. The British government was very positive toward the Guardian of the Faith Abdu'l-Baha and knighted him in 1920. When he came to California he spoke in Oakland at the YMCA. Jewish, Christian, and Moslem leaders attended his funeral. Troops of Moslem and Christian Boy Scouts also paraded at his funeral.

The new Guardian of Faith Shoghi Effendi Rabbani received land earmarked by the Jews for institutions of the Jewish State on which he built at Mazra'ih a Holy Place. He also built at Mt. Carmel a world center. Bahais would use Prince Albert Hall, London for meetings. That Hall has seen a lot of use by the Masons and the early International Bible Students. A series of 7 years plans which were parts of several stages to bring in a New Order were put into motion. These plans were part of what was called the Divine Plan.

A Universal House of Justice was established and its pronouncements are put forth as divine.

According to Bahai teachings the cradle of the New World Order is to be America. They believe the troubles the world is suffering and will go through are the "birth pangs" of the New World Order. A new race of spiritual beings is to come under their tutelege. They do not believe in the concept of sin.

Although they build temples and other religious buildings they claim not to be a church.

In the book The Dynamic New Religion Bahai Faith it states, "Someone who is attracted to the Baha'i' Faith finds that he is on the threshold of a new spiritual experience. He learns that God loves those who work in groups and that His chief purpose in this age is to create unity. To do his part in building a New World Order, each person has to develop new qualities of character, which the Baha'is feel their teachings demonstrate."5

In contrast to Jesus who was concerned about sin and spoke, "Blessed are the poor in spirit," the Baha'is' believe having poverty of the spirit is the worst situation.6

They like other New Age groups, they believe man is going through evolutionary stages.

The Baha'i Way of Life is clearly in accord with Masonry which believes that by following their path a man will will receive salvation. The Masons, Universalist-Unitarian Church, Mormons and Baha'is practice essentially the same universal religion with different labels, and different rituals. Today the Baha'is are forbidden to join the Masonic Lodge or any Christian denomination. They don't need to join the lodge, considering they are commited to much of the same thing. Interestingly, it was Masons and the Chicago Masonic Temple that got the Baha'i religion going in the United States.

The man who began propogating the Baha'i religion in the U.S. Kheiralla was a Freemason. By 1900, he had his "medical" office in the Chicago Masonic Temple. The secret Masonic Oriental Order of the Magi produced the core of the pupils who took Kheiralla's Baha'i lessons. The Order of the Magi had mostly men but also women which were mainly physicians and their relatives. Dr. Rufus Bartlett, Dr. Eugene W. Sawyer, Dr. Chester Ira Thacher, and Louisa ("Lua") Aurora Moore were all early Baha'is that belonged to the Order of the Magi. A comparison of the names of a number of the prominent early Baha'is in Chicago including those of the Order of the Magi with this Author's list of Chicago's Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) membership fails to produce any dual memberships. It is not clear to this Author just what the relationship of the Oriental Order of the Magi to the Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) is. Baha'i Dr. Chester I. Thacher also had his business office within the Chicago Masonic Temple, and is believed to have probably been a Mason. It is also believed that the Order of the Magi rented a room within the Chicago Masonic Temple.63

Baha'is are not only committed to a One-World-Religion but also a One-World-Government. Their leader is called the "Herald of the New Age." They work hand-inhand with many other agencies working to bring in a New World Order, and those that are helpful to the cause such as NOW, NAACP, Kiwannis, and others.


One lodge system that is overtly satanic is The Golden Dawn. In their publication Watch Jerusalem in 1948 they tell readers that Armageddon is to happen during the 1990s.7 In another publication, they tell us "The Aquarian Age is already upon us and it, too, is radiating a most powerful influence. The Aquarian Age will be in full power all through the coming Millennium. In fact, right now it is preparing the way for the Millennium, the THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE."8

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