Recently, documentation has come out in France exposing the Establishment-supported doctored history. A wealth of documentation is being given the French people that the French revolution was created by an anti-French minority who set about the deliberate destruction of 3.5 million Frenchmen. These same murderers, through their descendents, remain in power today.

"This mystery group, all linked by their membership in the Grand Orient, a major Masonic secret order, has ruled France for the last 200 years. It has created an omnipresent bureaucracy and police network to keep the general populace in line. It was on this system that Lenin and Trotsky patterned their own Bolshevik reign of terror, resulting in the deaths of 50 million people."41

At the end of W.W. II, under the disguise of taking care of collaborators with the Germans, the Grand Orient Masons went after every one on their hate list. One and a quarter million Frenchmen were killed at the end of W.W. II by the Masons. Most had had nothing to do with the Germans, they were simply enemies of the Grand Orient Masons. Women were paraded naked in the streets heads shaven, before being tortured to death. Men were shot like dogs. Children were tied to posts and shot. Sisley Huddleston's rare book France, the Tragic Years tells the story of this recent masonic butchery.

The Grand Orient in spite of all the Masonic propoganda to the public, maintains a close working relationship with the American and British lodges. The Alpina Lodge in Switzerland serves as a switchboard for the various groups of Masons.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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