Formula For Power

The close interweaving of Gnostic thought into the Masonic stream is important in terms of understanding how power is created. The principle "knowledge is power" is skillfully used by Masonic religions. For instance, the WT May 1, 1922, p. 132 states C.T. Russell is the only source of knowledge about the divine plan of God. "Then to repudiate him and his work is equivalent to a repudiation of the Lord..." Joseph Smith, Jr. and the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh, and so many others, by virtue of their claims to special knowledge have created an automatic power base. One has to come to them for knowledge.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, ESPECIALLY IF ONE CONTROLS WHO THE EXPERTS ARE Likewise, the Order along with Masons in so many of the key positions have determined who our experts are in the various fields. Look who gets Rhodes Scholarships. Look who get prominent academic positions. Look who gets their books published. Their people are often placed in positions when thousands of better candidates are overlooked. By influencing who we think our experts are, they automatically have created a power base. This is why some of the most prominent Christian leaders have gotten their positions. Some of these men, are poor theologians, are not the loyal-to-Christ deep thinkers Christianity needs; no, but they are the System's selected.

The system's experts have to toe the party line not just in Russia but in the U.S. too. Scientific American got rid of science writer Forrest Mims III when they found out he admitted he doesn't believe Darwin's theory of evolution.4

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