FKITiSh Royalty

King George I


Ouke of Cumber land William Augustus (17 21-65)

Prince of Wales Frederick Lewis (1707-511 initiated 1737

natura 1 son of George 11 Thomas Dunkerley (1724-17951 initiated 17S4

Xing George III disputed membership

Duke of York

Edward Augustus (1739-67) p.G.M. 1767

Duke of Gloucester William Henry 11743-1805} P.G.H. 1767

Duke Of Cumberland Henry Frederick (1745-901 G.M. (Modern) 1782-1790

Duke of Sussex

Augustus Frederick (1773-18131 G.M. |Modern) 1813 G.M. (U.G.L.) 1813-43 initiated Berlin 1798

King George iv

George Augustus Frederick (1762-18301 G.M. Modern 1790-1813 initiated 1787 Grand Patron

Duke of York

Frederick Augustus 11763-1827) initiated 1787

King William IV William Henry I176S-1837) initiated 1786 Grand patron, 1831

Duke of Kent

Edward Augustus (1767-18201 G.M. (Ancient) 1813 initiated at Geneva, Switz.

Duke of Cumberland Ernest Augustus (1771-18511 King of Hanover initiated 1796

Queen Victoria Grand Patron

King Edward VII

Albert Edward (1841-19101

Duke of Connaught Arthur 11850-1942) G.M. 1901-1939 Prov. G.M. Sussex Dist. G.H.

1886-1907 (Domboyt 1887

DuKe of Albany Leopold (1853-84) Prov. G.H. Oxfordshire, 187S

Duke of Clarence Albert (1964-92) Prov. G.M., Berks

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