Final Wrap Up

Gnostic Religions create instant power bases for their administrators—whatever those administrators are called Priests, Rabbis, Swamis, Guru's, etc. The gnostic religions follow a pattern. The various leaders at the very top of these various authority pyramids are collaborating. (You'll learn much more on this further on in this book.) The bottom line is that what appears as perhaps fifty or one hundred religious "scams" are components of one single conspiracy for ultimate world power.

Judaism comes from Babylon. For those who like the ancient mystery religions you will want to thank the Jews. Jews have been one of the best instruments for spreading gnosticism in its various forms.

Christ's teachings and mission was the opposite of gnosticism. Christ was the predicted method that God had for revealing Himself to those who were seeking Him. Faith in God through Christ Jesus is not a power religion. Rather than trying to hide knowledge, Christ tried to spread his good message by calling on his disciples to "go into the whole world teaching", and to do good to all even those who despitefully would abuse them.


1. Cumbey, Constance. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p.99.

2. Readers who are familiar with the conspiracy will be aware of much of this. It was appropriate to give some background information at this point for the general readership. 1 didn't want to bog the reader down in footnotes and details of events at this point, because this information about W.W. II is not vital to the discussion at hand. Readers are encouraged to investigate several of the books now available that cover the Conspiracy's role in W.W. II. The whole story from how it looked at the top has never been told, but hopefully this summary will be helpful.

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6. I have read this in several places in WT material, but have been unable to relocate a good reference to insert here. The WT 6/15/01 pp.204-208 states that the new race will be composed of special androgenous units—"The race will be composed of perfect units, such as Adam was originally, before being divided into two persons."

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