Even The Govt Gets Into Christian Bashing

An 800-page report published by U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and entitled "Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide" (Jan. 1989) blames religion for contributing to "Gay Male and Youth Suicide." Paul Gibson, a San Francisco therapist wrote the report.

According to the report churches cause "unresolvable internal conflicts for youth who adhere to their faith but believe they will not change their sexual orientation." This government study concludes that churches need to change their beliefs concerning homosexuality. "Religion needs to reassess homosexuality in a positive context...," According to this report homosexuality is a "natural and healthy expression of human sexuality." It goes on to recommend certain youth programs for homosexuals.

This is all a slow but steady slander of the Christians, in order for the public to acquiesce when the IRS pulls churches' tax-exempt status for not advocating homosexuality. The IRS has already pulled the tax-exempt status on several religious groups whose teachings it disliked.5

Words like "right-wing extremist", "bigot", and "moralist" are used of anyone who opposes the liberal New Order agenda. The Christians are caught coming and going. If they stand up for their Bible-based convictions they are named "bigots". If they slip, they are hypocrites. If they don't have any Bible-based convictions they fit in with the New Order plans to continue religion—masonic religion, which has a totally different morality than Bible-based faiths can accept, and is part of a plan for the total enslavement of world to an elite rulership.

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Survival Basics

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