Embrace The Sermon On The Mount

Satan even in Christ's day could offer to Christ the Nations of the World. Christ therefore faced the same situation as exists today. Christ's words then, are appropriate to ask the conspiracy, "What does it profit a man that he should gain the whole world but lose his soul?"

The world has rejected Christ's Sermon on the Mount as impractical idealism. It has rejected the Sermon on the Mount supposedly for intellectual reasons, but deep down the real reasons are moral ones that prevent them from seeing the glory of God's ways. It is very rare that a man will try Christ's teachings out. So certainly, the rejection of Christ's Sermon on the Mount is not because they have failed when tried. Christ doesn't call people to an idiotic blind faith. He challenges people to test out what he is saying to see if it is from God. "My doctine is not Mine, but His who sent me." Jn 7:15 "If anyone wants to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on my own authority." Jn 7:17

Try it you'll like it—try it, you'll learn it's from God. The Sermon on the Mount is Christ's advice in a nutshell on how to deal with the world-wide forces of evil.

We have a choice, go with the flow of Media garbage and their value system, or anchor ourselves in the time-tested advice of the ancient wisdom of that all-time best seller, the Word of God, aka The Holy Bible.

You will never be able to answer everything with your intellect. Even the greatest philosophers and thinkers are unable to do that, so why would you expect that you will instantly know everything as a Christian? In this sense you will need simple faith. Some people miss out on God's power because they feel they can't step out and act on faith unless they understand more, and yet simple faith calls them to respond where they are at. Perhaps this simple faith, this confident trust in God which is called simple faith, might best be called "blind" faith. This is not the cliche "blind faith", but the type of faith Abraham had when he left his homeland. Allow yourself to meet God and obey him just where you are at in understanding. To obey in faith you will need to have this type of faith in spite of your unanswered intellectual questions. Many of the "intellectual" questions do not have clear answers because they really need to be asked as a spiritual question. If you follow the world's approach to any number of issues you won't even be asking the right questions concerning the topic at hand.

Just as we follow the Spirit's direction, we must also follow our consciences. The advice to always follow our consciences is good advice. If we do not listen to our consciences we singe them and they no longer advise us. Unlike the Spirit, our consciences may be quite wrong, so we constantly work at retraining them to be more in line with the Spirit. Gradually our whole being, will be turned over to God. One of our chief parts the tongue may be one of the more external testimonies of the Spirit's control.

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