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Some groups like the Old Order Amish can not be subverted by the New World Order because they are not part of the system, don't believe in serving in the military, and don't give much if any chance to outsiders to subvert them.

When Hitler took power the three Amish settlements in Germany were eliminated. The members of these churhes disappeared.

Because the Amish are independent church districts, many of which do work with other districts, it was a small victory for the government during the Vietnam war when the Amish churches decided to work together and be represented by a steering committee. But although this sets a precidence that the government will try to further encourage, it is a minor gain at best. The Amish churches will never give their autonomy away to some committee. This means that even if the government got in people they liked on a steering committee it would have only minimal influence.

Can the membership be subverted? Although it rarely happens, it isn't impossible. One major subversion took place over two hundred years ago, when the Amish allowed folk magic to mix with their culture. When the Rosicrucian settlements fell apart, they joined the Mennonites in Lancaster PA. and brought in many of their occult ideas. Other influences too have intoduced occult practices. Although the famous Pennslyvannia Hex signs are more representative of the higher Pennslyvannia Dutch churches, they and the magic they represent also been practiced among the Amish. Magic, astrology, and new age healing have made solid inroads into the Old Order Amish. The Amish book which lists all their ministers is mixed with pages of Astrology, and has been for decades. After writing an expose of Astrology showing its Babylonian origin and its unscriptualness, this Author sent the book to the publishers of the Amish Calender, their book listing their ministers, challenging them to leave the Astrology out of The Calender. The challenge was ignored.

The Amish have worked hard to remain a rural people. The farmers of this country are one of the true producers in the U.S. Most of us merely manipulate, or move, or rearrange what the farmer produces. The farmer depends upon the weather, the soil, the sun, and water. Because he is more dependent upon these things he is often more dependent upon God. America has belittled and ignored the farmer too long. One weakness of today's society and the New World Order is their total lack of appreciation for the farmer of America. Someday that disregard may come back to haunt them. The push today by the Power is for agribusiness and large Russian-type farms. It seems all the lessons learned in the Communist countries will have to be rediscovered the hard way.

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•Scriptures tell us that the love of truth will protect God's people in the end times from deception.

•Let us not run from our sins but pray and hope our sins will be revealed, so that we can repent and draw close to God.

•The Bible is very frank to expose the weaknesses of great men of faith like Peter.

What if you found out that the real character of Billy Graham, who is especially well spoken of by the secular media, was not his television image? What would you do? Someday the truth about Billy Graham will be known, and many people will fall away from Christendom. If you love the truth you can help Christ's body begin a healing process to overcome some of that falling away.

Faithful men of God have lovingly written Graham to help him, but he has established himself as his own authority surrounded by his friends.

Today you have the privilege as you read this to quit trusting in a man, and to place your trust fully in Christ. Before Billy Graham falls, you can begin warning your friends to place their trust in God, rather than men, especially media-built images.

► BILLY GRAHAM IS A 33° FREEMASON. Witnesses to the truth of Billy Graham's 33° Scottish Rite Masonic membership are many.1 Not only is this membership hopelessly at odds with Christ's teachings, but it reveals the Satanic side of Billy Graham's character that the media hasn't told you about.2

Billy Graham groped blindfolded in the Masonic Lodge and declared before the Worshipful Masonic Lodge Master that he was in need of light. How rediculous for a Christian evangelist who claims to have the light of the world, to beg a pagan hierarchy for light.

Billy Graham has repeatedly taken blood oaths on penalty of gruesome death to keep the Masonic Lodge's secrets and to deceive others about their activities. When such a man as an international evangelist swears to be dishonest, is dishonest, and takes blood oaths, then this is a reproach on the Bible and on Christ.

Are Freemasons like 33° Billy Graham trustworthy? No, according to the great evangelist Charles Finney who left the Masonic Lodge when he dedicated his life to Christ. He said the Freemasons could not be trusted. Finney declared that Freemasons in the higher levels have lost their consciences because they have seared their consciences so much. According to Finney's warnings, Billy Graham would have a seared conscience. Finney spent his life warning Christians about Freemasonry, and if he were alive today, would likely be writing a tract like this.

► Does God's work depend on personalities? Which does God desire, for men to build names for themselves or for men to sacrifice all that they have so that God might be glorified? Can God miraculously lead men to Christ or must millions of dollars be spent on Madison Avenue sales techniques and expensive Crusades? Isn't there something wrong in the man-made character of the Billy Graham crusades?

According to repeated studies, almost all decisions at Crusades have been made by people who were already Christians. Was Christ wrong to focus on discipling, rather than spending millions for superficial mass-evangelism decisions, most of which are not conversions, but mild renewals? Christ could have done it Billy Graham's way, he didn't. Christ "MADE HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATION." PHIL 2:7

Why is Billy Graham so popular with everyone not to mention the important Christian clergy? If there are obvious flaws in Graham's character and the character of his crusades why is he so popular?

Consider the following and you will know better why Billy Graham is popular. First, his popularity began when William Randolph Hearst, the multimillionaire, began funding Youth for Christ and Billy Graham's evangelistic efforts. Billy Graham became a nationally known figure when millionaire Hearst publicized him through his newspapers in 1949. Hearst's influence got the national media to pick up on Graham.

BILLY GRAHAM IS INDEED POPULAR...SO POPULAR THAT Graham was described by Dr. G. Paul Musselman, "I call Billy Graham the...greatest of the ecumenical voices."4 Billy Graham is on record in support of the World Council of Churches expanding to include the other major religious groups in the world.5

...SO POPULAR THAT Graham was given his doctorate (yes his doctorate is an honorary doctorate) by the Pope. The Pope must be pleased that Graham on receiving his honorary doctorate said that the Catholic Church is preaching the same gospel as he is.6 It must be further reassuring that Catholics who go forward at Billy Graham Crusades are referred to Catholic churches.7

...SO POPULAR THAT Charotte, N.C. has had a holiday named Billy Graham Day, and Billy Graham is heralded as a great Christian prophet.

...SO POPULAR THAT Christian publishers like to take things written by others and use Billy Graham's name because books with his name as author sell well.

...SO POPULAR THAT died-in-the-wool communists like him. They must have been pleased when Billy Graham was recorded on tape in an interview later published saying, "I think communism's appeal to youth is its structure and promise of a future Utopia. Mao Tse-tung's eight precepts are basically the same as Ten Commandments. In fact if we can't have the Ten Commandments read in the schools, I'll settle o for Mao's principles."

...SO POPULAR THAT all the Presidents and many leading politicians worldwide have been close friends with Billy Graham. Billy Graham has given respectibility to the Presidents, including his good friend Richard Nixon. A well-researched article on Billy Graham in the Journal of Church and State concluded after examining Billy Graham's interaction with the various Presidents since Eisenhower, "...could Graham speak the word of truth - especially when that word may be critical or slashing - to the man in the White House when he is on such friendly terms with him? On the basis of the evidence now available, the

1 n9

answer must be no."

...SO POPULAR THAT men like the late Armand Hammer who were prominent in the world's power structure and working toward an overt One-World-Government have been able to get Billy Graham into any country.

When Billy Graham went to India he gave assurances, that he was "not going to proselytize any Hindus."10 While in India, he spoke to Christians. If Billy Graham will not take on Hinduism which is almost identical to the New Age Movement, do you think he will seriously take on the New Age Movement? Graham's tract "A New Age is Coming" can be used to legitimitize the idea of the New Age.11

When Billy Graham went to Israel he gave assurances to the Israeli government, "I am going to address only Christian audiences. I have no intention of proselyting. In fact, I must be grateful to you for proselyting me."12

When Billy Graham has gone to Catholic countries, his Crusades have been helpful to the Catholic churches.

After the National Council of Churches failed to pass a resolution declaring the NCC against converting the Jews to Christ, Billy Graham gave assurances to Jewish leaders that God had a special place for the Jews and that he rejected "coercive evangelistic efforts" by Christians to convert Jews to Christ.13

All this cooperation with the Catholics and Jews is summed up by Billy Graham's statement in 1957, "Anyone who makes a decision at our meetings is referred to a local clergyman, Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish."14


Christians, put on the mind of Christ, and as his disciples see things the way he sees things.

Christ sat down, called the twelve and said to them, "If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all." Mk 9:35 "Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Mt 18:4 "The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors. But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves." Lk 22:25-26

COULD IT BE THAT THE ONES WE THINK ARE THE GREATEST WILL BE THE LEAST IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD? Could it be possible that some unknown widow may be placed at the greatest position?

In our haste to idolize men, we have forgotten the Apostle James' warning not to be respecters of men. We have forgotten the Apostle Paul's statement about being "followers of no man but God."

Christians seem to ask, "What would God do without Billy Graham?" and "Could God get by without Billy Graham's ministry?" Not only could He, but in many respects Christians would be better off. How so? Tony Campolo, well-known Christian socialogist, pastor and speaker found that converts from television or radio were rare. He found that most converts from the televised Billy Graham Crusades had had Christians who were fundamental to their conversion around them before and after they watched him on TV. He concludes that it is "uncertain whether the sermons or the Christian friends were what was

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