Alice Br— ~ SHARON. MASSACHUSETTS Abandoning occult for Christ

By NONA DEARTH Patriot LtdMf Stoft R«osr!»r

She broke with Jear.e Dixen six years ago because she suddenly had a revelation that ihe world» famous csvc.1-).-; ■■'■■■v- fry .Sal.-).-;.

That is how Alice Braemer describes her breakup with Ihe seer after seven years of c!c$i association.

"It was as Ihotish a, veil was ' - lorn fruni mv eves." the sUlH attractive 63-year-old former model said during a visit this week to Sharon, prob.ems Lord" was helping V^:-- As a bom-again Christian, Alice now travels around tlw country sharing her testimony with *. ■ ■' .groups and connections of ajl . "^thit.Herhiisbandorsanttmailv travel with her.

Last Sunday she spoke at the Assemblies of God Church in WuJpcie. 'Ita Sundayat 2; -15 p.m., she will be at the £tjts-guare Church in Abinui-n. at ■ Thicket and Old Randolph Streets,

She tells of her association with J cane Dixon, testifies ta her conversion and a^'.nFt the sin, f-f foilowinii <n.ls includim.' the ccji.lt. She ehssii'ifts her former Christian Science faith as a cult because it diys r.ot n?cic:;;c thy presence ^f Salan.

"Teiitng people they are perfect has use they are made in God's image is a snow job," the outspoken evangelist declared. She trusts only the Bible.

Alice r.ow attend the Presbyterian Church in Berkley, Cal„ and lives with her family in —"—Aimed? -— {ft/ ;-, Her recently published hook. ;vr^;"CLltism to Chansma," is a ■ series of vignettes that skim the surface of hor life and her conversion

Her conversion centers on the fact thai her son Carlton, 30. has had menial problems for several years, It was when she heard him giggling and talking to Ihe Devil behind the ciosed door or his room lhat she had her revelation — recognizing thai Satin does exist, is evil and was working In her son { ' and even m Jeane Dixon. ■| ■ Alice speaks of these things I without mir.cin^wo^. The story - starts w ith her ow"n childhood.

Bom in Saicm. in the shadow of 'r . Callow's Hill where the witches ;■>. were hanged in ihe ¡500s, Aiice '' grew up in Pea body. Her parents were Catholic, and sl:e attended " . St. John's Parochial School, She wer.t to Emerson College for a *i while, then in the midsi of the Depression went La New York as a fl * ]

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