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Alice Braemer

Fcrnwr aide to psychic Jeone Dixon, Alice Brcemer, bom in Salem and row a California resident, enjoys autumn 'cavesas she travals through area "sharing her testimony'1 as a born again Christian, Her reveiation and eonvorsion !ed lo ยก'er creak with the world-famous psychic.

governess, the only job she could get. She eventually became a model, married Carlo Braemer, had her son Carlton.

Cariton frequently spent !o:ig vacations in Peabody wilh his grandn-o'.her who was psvehx. She read cards and toa leaves ar.d liad a deep influence on lier grandson. Alice said. Carlton was also psychic, awl the burden oI what he knew and felt was too much for the child and Ihrn the young man. He became violent. He was in and out of mental inslilutions. ft he often feared Mr .her l.fc. Alien related.

"Ail (iunr.b this time I had been trying to juggle Christianity and metaphysics, using God for my pwr benefit," she said. "1 didn't know iiiaJ was wrong."

In 1366 when the Braemer family was living ouiside of Washing-tan, D C.. Alice tuet Jeane Dixon while modehnjal a beauty salon Alice was also gelling her real _estatc broker's license, ar.d the psychic invited !he young woman to join her staff. She was soon handling Dixon's publicity and press conferences.

Alice became Uie psychic's close aide, reveled In meeting tha celebrities who admired Dixon -Billy Graham, Oral ftoberLs, JPresidenls Eisenhower, Truman and Nixon, among others. Alice does not downgrade Dixon's psychic powers, recalling Lhal she had warned President Kennedy not to go to Dai! as or. (he day of his


"Her prophecies are usually q-jiL" accurate, but the source is questionable because i' is Satan," Alice said firmiy.

Describing Dutan as a seeress, Alice quotes Leviticus 19:31, "Regard not ihem :hat have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizaras. lo be defiled by'ibem; 1 am the Lord your God."

Alice turned from Dixon to become a witness to her born again failh. She made new fnends, among them Charles CoLwn, a former President Nixon associate.

"1 like the good cid fashioned gcipel, all of ;t." Alice said, "I am a fundamentalist Christian who lovei the Lord." ________

Alice Braemer Box 1105

Alameda, CA 94501

September 29, 1979

Harold Myra, Publisher Christianity Today 465 Gundersen Drive Carol Stream, 111. 60187

Dear Mr. Myra,

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Billy Graham looked straight into the television camera and said: "Yes, I did say nice things about Jeane Dixon on television back in 1966. I did keep in touch with her over the years. Yes, a man from my office did pick up a check each month from the Dixon office . . from Mr. Dixon's private office. Yes, the man chatted with Mr. Dixon each time - for a little while. "Yes, I am sorry for all this . . and I want to recommend Alice Braemer's book CULTISM TO CHARISMA because I want people to know about the tragedy of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE and UNITY and POSITIVE THINKING and all the other cults. "I want people to know about Alice Braemer's horror story - her Christian testimony - and how JESUS saved her from the pit of hell."

Enclosed is an excerpt from Jimmy Swaggart's cassette tape telling about Jezebel In the Church of Thyatira from his BOOK OF REVELATION series. It is excellent.'

Sincerely in Christ,

Alice Braemer

Billy Graham

March 6, 1967

Dear Mrs. Dixon:

Thank you for your good letter of February 13. I am sorry for the delay in answering but I have been in the West Indies and am leaving in a few days for Puerto Rico where I will be conducting a series of meetings.

Indeed, my wife and I have followed your writings with the greatest possible interest. In several of my sermons I have quoted from A GIFT OF PROPHECY. We have heard from several mutual friends that you are indeed a woman of God, and we do thank God for you.

Recently, in Jamaica, we became acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Buchanan, whom I believe you know. They have promised to give us the .joy and thrill of meeting you on some future trip to Washington. The Jean Dixon Special Receipt" is excellent.

With warmest personal greetings, I am

Cordially yours,

Mrs. Jean L. Dixon 1114 - 18th wStreet, N.W. Washington, D.C.

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