Cut Fits A Pattern

There are some people who will be disatisfied with this chapter. They will want harder proof. Yet, these same people very likely accept many things without any proof. If they didn't they wouldn't be part of mainstream America.

For instance, you are told that this country is a democracy. Democracy means the people vote and decide everything. Everything in a real democracy is decided by what is called a referemdum today. Very little is decided by referemdum today. Has anyone shown you proof this is a democracy? Have you ever asked?

I have found that those who object to this information are those who have not studied the subjects at all. CUT. fits a pattern that has been repeated over and over. Either it is part of the pattern which can be shown to be Masonic or it's an exception to the rule. If CUT. is really against the New World Order (it depends what part of their literature you read, because they do want a Global Interdependence of Spiritual Ones, they only claim to be against a Global Political Union), it is interesting that the system cooperates with them so much.

On the surface they appear to some to be against the CFR/lnternational Bankers, etc. They teach their members the dangers that these men pose in conjunction with international communism. On the otherhand in their tract "What is The Summit Lighthouse?" they end the tract saying "The Summit Lighthouse sheds its beams o'er the earth and releases into manifestation the symbol for the coming Golden Age—"Destiny, not dust!" Unless a person is aware of the connections between the Rockefellers and the Masons and the New Age movement, the common person will not be able to see Hegelian dialectics being used.

While conservatives join CUT., it is not likely very many of them caught a little clause that CUT. put into its Christmas Day, 1981 Declaration of International Interpendence. Line 8 from the bottom states, "Therefore, as divinely blessed individuals...the citizens of planet Earth have the call for a constitutional convention to found their nation under God;..." Elizabeth Prophet has repeatedly stated Sanat Kumara was the leader of the Great White Lodge Hierarchy and God.<#48 Just one example of many where Sanat (Satan) is identified as a God by Elizabeth Clare Prophet is her 1979 Christmas message, p. 2. "Yes, my chelas have sung for you and for me the message of Sanat Kumara, the Great Bodhisattva, known to Daniel and the prophets of Israel as the Ancient of Days. In his name we say, "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee!...This great bodhisattva who revealed himself to Moses in the person of Jehovah and to Ezekiel as the fire infolding itself, to the soul of Gautama as the Buddha, to Zarathustra as Ahura Mazda, and to the Hindus as the "Eternal Youth" has appeared to humanity in every epoch of earth's changes, signaling the beginning and the ending of cycles..." Not only does she identify Sanat with Jehovah, but also Buddha and Ahura Mazda of the Mazdians. Another example is Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X No. 13, (Mar. 26, 1967), p. 1 "The name, Ancient of Days, refers to Sanat Kumara, Hierarch of Venus, Who came to earth millions of years ago...">. Here in effect is a call for a constitutional convention to establish either the U.S. or world government under Sanat. (It is not exactly clear which nation is being spoken about that is to call this constitutional convention.) Who are the forces calling for a Constitutional Convention? William Still links these forces to the CFR, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Brookings Institute and the World Federalists in his expose.<#49. Still, William T. New World Order The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies. Lafayette, LA, Huntington House, 1990. Chapter 15 covers the Constitutional assult.>

An example of an organization that has been created by the One-World-Power, that functions in much the same capacity as the C.U.T. is the John Birch Society. Both groups are so conservative that they stick out as extreme. Elizabeth Clare Prophet likes the John Birch Society and speaks good things about it. The John Birch Society was created as the Anti-thesis of communism, much in the same way that C.U.T. siphons off the conservative element that dislikes long hair and dirty clothes, etc. but theologically is attracted to the New Age. A 32 degree Mason named Robert Welch<#50. Braddock, James E. The John Birch Society An Enigma. Bumsville, MN: Weisman Publications, p.13 states "Welch, being a well proven 32nd degree Mason, jumped at the chance to aide and abet in the furtherance of the destruction of Christianity." CPA has access to a Masonic document showing Welch's membership. Perhaps the first to claim Robert Welch was a Mason was Dr. Stuart Crane. Eustice Mullins also received information that Welch was a Mason from confidential sources. Braddock's research has been well-received by a number of prominent ex-John Birchers.> started the John Birch Society in 1958. For the Board of Directors for the John Birch Society he chose men from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). As JBS policy, he had an Anti-communist but pro-Jewish stance. After Welch had the JBS started, he received a large sum of money from the Rockefellers. Braddock states, "Robert Welch...heir to, the Welch Candy Company... Nelson [Rockefeller] purchased the company for a price that was three times the asking price but with the condition that Robert would head the new John Birch Society."<#51. Braddock, op. cit.p. 13.>

So the American people got more Hegelian Dialectics. And many conservative people who sincerely wanted to save and defend the United States gave their money, time and allegiance to this Society. Many rich conservative Americans gave their money to the John Birch Society to fight the Anti-American forces. The John Birch Society was able to siphon off much resistance that could have been really damaging to the One-World-Power, and waste that concern and money of resistance into a make-believe battle against communism.

Many of the highly knowledgeable people who joined the John Birch Society, such as Dr. R.P. Oliver, Dr. Draskovich, Brig. Gen. G. Mohr, along with the three Directors of Public Relations and others realized they were be taken for a ride, and got off. The comments by these ex-John Birchers are a good testimony about the manufacture of an Antithesis by the New World Order. Some of their comments are<#52. Braddock, op. cit. various pages.>:

"The John Birch Society is a complete and deadly mirage in a vast desert of confusion that was purposefully designed and augmented to aid in that confusion..."— James E. Braddock

"Unlike other groups and organizations which International Zionism has gradually taken over, the John Birch Society was their own creation, to fulfill their own purposes—one world order and control."—Charles A. Weisman

"When you see the Jewish influence in the top echelon of the Society in the organizing Council of the JBS' and the Jewish money that is poured into the Society, you understand that, here again, is an organization that is set up by International Judaism as a neutralizing force for patriotic Americans."—Gen. Mohr

"I have resigned from the Council of the John Birch Society (and from the Society itself) because I can no longer in conscience remain a member. I have also resigned as Associate Editor of American Opinion and I will no longer contribute to that magazine." --Dr. Oliver

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Fundamentals of Magick

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