Control The Hierarchy

The Seventh-Day Adventists have over a half-million members in the United States. Started by a woman of Jewish heritage Ellen Gold White, they have made the Sabbath a prominant part of their religion. This Author has admired their church members for the standards that they have maintained, especially their stand against Freemasonry.

This denomination has a hierarchy with a President. Every five years the denomination has a convention to discuss a particular issue that is placed on the agenda. For instance, recently they discussed whether women could become ministers. The easiest way for the New World Order to deal with such denominations is to subvert the hierarchy. That the hierarchy can be moved in such directions can be seen by their decision years ago (even before Roe vs. Wade) to allow abortions,19 which even their people help perform in their hospitals. Maybe this Author is offbase on this next observation, but to think of an Adventist doctor eating health food for lunch, and then performing an abortion seems like a New Age value system.

That is just one indication of a shift toward New Age morality. We see people like Seventh-Day Adventist writer Rene Noorbergen co-authoring a book with psychic Jeane Dixon.

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