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Hell Really Exists

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Christ told us that the wheat and the tares would grow up together. That is the condition of the church today-totally infiltrated, and mixed with evil. The Churches of Christendom are a mission field for the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Christ also told us that Satan's Kingdom is not divided against itself or else it could not continue functioning. This book is the result of research and the knowledge that comes from confidential sources in the New Order that Satan's kingdom is indeed one monolithic coordinated Power structure that is physically in communication with its various parts. If you somehow failed to realize that the Watchtower leaders, the Mormon leaders, the Masons, and other groups are actually in communication with and coordinating their activities, then you have missed an important message of this book.


One of the hardest items to tell the reader is that many of the people pretending to be on our side aren't. The New World Order is not stupid. They are trying to stay one jump ahead of the opposition. They plant their people as leaders of the opposition. That seems to be the only explanation for much of what is happening. The reader should investigate all organizations, before he contributes to their cause.

I remember when I worked in a particular factory the foremen would come around and tell us how we weren't doing our jobs as they wanted them done. I would listen and at times if I were asked tell the foremen honestly that what they were saying wouldn't work. The other workers who were not Christians would smile big and say "Sure, we'll do it no problem." After the supervisor would leave, I would find myself trying hard to meet the standard the supervisor had left, while the others wouldn't even try it. I would be correct that the expectations were out of order, but its doubtful that the foremen ever picked up that I was the only one really trying to achiveve their impossible expectations, even though I was the only one honest about its feasibility. Likewise, I detect many Christians are smiling and saying all the right things from the pulpit. Love your Christian brother, hallelujah, I believe in God, praise the Lord, etc. but they have no intention of doing the will of God. Most people like those supervisors are quite content to look on the surface of things. Love is surrender to His will. God makes his own decisions without asking us our opinions. To smile at God and make false promises is not acceptable. Without love (surrender to his will) toward God (cf. Cor.) then our actions are a waste. Apparently, many ministers feel that they need to smile and tell the people what they want to hear, and the people in turn will idolize them.

There are but two kingdoms, Satan's and Christ's.

In None Dare To Call It Conspiracy, p. 136, people are advised to go to the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society was started by a high ranking Mason who used Rockefeller money. Further, Gary Allen's book gets recommendation's from people in the establishment, and it is very flattering of men who were prominant Masons involved with the New World Order. Was Gary Allen misinformed, sidetracked, or what?

Some of these men have so many connections to the New World Order, and so much knowledge that it is almost impossible that they are simply misinformed.

Craig Hulet, who has a number of aliases and driver's licenses, and who did intelligence work for the New Order, is warning people about the coming One-World-Government. However, much of his information even when true is in a sense "disinformation", in spite of how much good indepth information he has. And he has no program to counter the New Order. He speaks in Episcopalian Churches, and at his public meetings license plates numbers are taken down by men, and the people attending targeted for destruction. Whether Craig is involved with this scheme to destroy those who attend, or not, is difficult to say. However, this Author knows personally of someone who was almost destroyed after coming in contact with Craig Hulet.

In communist countries, it has been a popular method to kill opposition, by allowing leaders to stand up and allow the Authorities to identify who their hidden silent opposition are. This was the concept behind what happened at Tiennamen Square. Those people are identified, and when the boom falls, then all of these people are taken out of circulation from the general population.

By using people like Hulet (whether he in particular is used or not—people like him are used), they have assembled their lists of people to take out of circulation.

There are infiltrators who are helping them assemble lists of patriots, and devout Christian leaders. Ex-intelligence men who have seen the plans say that they intend to arrest the Christians on a holiday like Thanksgiving Day when they can find the most people home.

Note the leaders of the democratic movement in China who stood up —some were most likely legitimate, yet some are probably working for the New World Order. These leaders were smuggled out of China and escaped harm by a Secret Chinese Fraternal organization, which cooperates with other secret organizations like the Mafia, the CIA, and the Masons.

If you are going to oppose the New World Order, start your own group. Then at least you know who the head of it is.

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